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Default Zllim FRs - 25-06-2021, 10:57 PM

Been working on my 8 fundamentals since I got back. Today was the first time I went DG without drinking so it was even harder to start approaching.

06/25/2021 (Thurs)
Only patios open right now. Went for DG with my old wing dt. Was kinda dead. Ran into another friend and we walked on Quee.

Falisha - Skinny blond dressed emoish
Cute, went in and asked about her hot dog I think. She was very friendly and receptive. She had a cold sore on her mouth which she brought up and was conscious about. I may have been able to instadate her but think the cold sore would be on both our minds. Overall good set but that’s because she was so receptive.

Saw a hot athletic blond with a big booty, so my type. But I was a little nervous and my wing Had went in. He instantly hooked and I instantly regretted it. He was in that set forever so we left. Should’ve been me

Dvni - Portuguese brunette baby faced
Talked to her about a week ago. She’s the type that goes to lost every week, with 2 friends. My wing Ant winged me on them, one was fat and nice but the hotter one was rude to him. Anyways my girl and me had a good convo. She kept reiniating convo when it would die. A lot of shit tests but while smiling so I feel like I passed most but was a bit reactive a few times. They were waiting for their reso but seemed like doing nothing for now. Should’ve stayed in but I dipped because I started to run out of things to talk about. Saw her again later so I probably could have pulled to a bar but not sure if the friends would’ve been into my friend for the entire time anyway. Messed up with a plan to take her to Brazil then I did it again with Colombia cause I was running out of things to say and she said “heard they before” lol.

Saw a cute brunette with a nice body but didn’t go in. Had waited but then chased after her and Insta hooked. Took her to a bar and went back to her place. Again could’ve been me.

Lessons, don’t waffle. Just go in. Miss every shot you don’t take. Twice there I waffled and could’ve been me if I didn’t rather than my wing lol.

Need to work on my push pull and tonality more. Have been working on my eye contact lately and I think that is helping. Want to keep the momentum going even if it just gaming for a few hours everyday.
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Dr_Zed (01-07-2021)

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Default 03-07-2021, 11:31 PM

Hi Zllim,
I'm new to the game.
What is DG?
what do you mean: asked about her hot dog?
What is dt?

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Default 06-07-2021, 08:45 PM

Great stuff Zllim, congrats on approaching without alcohol!

It's great that you have a list of stuff that you are specifically working on.

I will be watching and supporting eagerly!

"For we walk by faith, not by sight"

"Nothing to lose, everything to learn"

"Either you win or you learn how to win"
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Zllim (18-07-2021)
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Default 18-07-2021, 09:07 PM

Have been too lazy/forgot to post but I have been going out pretty consistently. Have decent momentum that I can approach after a couple drinks with my boys easily but I still have not gamed alone and done approaches which is something I should really work on.

07/16/2021 (Fri)
LR: Liv 7.5 (22, slim, french/native, fake lips, nose, jawline, tattoos- Tinder date
She got out the uber and was hotter then I expected. Was supposed to meet at a bar but lineup was too long, took her to bar right across from my house. She was too shy to make direct eye contact with me lol. Were under a building on the patio and someone threw a cigarette over that burnt her, didn't know how to handle that lol but we got her ice and she stopped freaking out. Decent convo, I ordered the bill after 2 drinks. We went to my place, showed her around. Then we went to her AirBnB (she ordered the uber) and her place was amazing. She led me to her room lol. No LMR. She gave me a bj and we smashed and I left. First lay of the year finally.

Went to the streets after with my buddy Ant. It was on fire, best I've seen it in 2 years. Girls were friendly. I was doing great, good vibe. Had a few sets where the girl I was talking to was down to leave to the AP but her friends were not cause they weren't feeling Ant. He's a good guy with decent game but doesn't do well with hotter girls.

Most notable set:
Angie - French stripper/escort looking girl, giant fake tits, fake lips, skinny, tattoos. I opened her and I said something about you sound french af, she tried shit testing me if that's a line and ignored that and kept going with my good vibe. She wanted to drink and told her come AP, she was down but had to goto her car to get smokes for her friend. She gave me her number but I had forgot to text her. Forgot her name too. Finally remembered the next day, she said she had looked for my # but I hadn't given it to her and she would've been down. I fucked up. She was hot and sounds like it could've went really well, oh well.

Great night over all, good confident flirty vibe. Lost my wallet so that sucks, and it sucks I didn't message Angie but oh well.
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Default 18-07-2021, 09:16 PM

07/17/2021 (Sat)
Didn't get much sleep so maybe that's why today wasn't quite as good. Also yesterday's weather was amazing, today was rainy so alot less people on the streets. Did alot of approaches, hooked a few sets, nothing special.

Something I'm noticing is that sometimes girls open easily and are waiting on me and I have a moment of hesitation, I think I make a face that is not 100% confident/congruent and they sense it and get turned off. Need to switch my openers instead of saying QQ all the time. I think some HS kinda openers are something I should try. I watched some Tyler infield before going out and was kinda inspired. Wanted to say some of those things like "I'M SHY" and being more flirty but completely forgot all about that when I was out.

Alycia: This girl was messaging me that she was down to come to AP, apparently I had met her 4 years ago at a music festival but I didnt even remember it. Anyways they arrived to my buddies place just a few minutes after I had. My girl was REALLY HOT. Blue dress, cute brunette, and her body was banging, big tits, big ass, slim. Anyways I fucked up right off the bat. They got out some guys car (they drove them their from the club what cucks lol) and I greeted my girl and her friend. The other friend was still in the car talking to them, my girls yelled for her and I did too. She got out the car and had a really annoyed face and I think she said why are you yelling my name to me? But wasn't sure and didn't address it. Heck I didn't even introduce myself and shake her hand, rookie mistakes. She was the least hot of the group, and was also the one that made my girl cancel plans 2 weekends ago. So we're sitting on the couch and she abruptly gets up looking annoyed, goes on her phone and goes to the washroom. My girl follows her. Like 5-10 minutes later she comes out and says she has to go, cause of her ex? Some BS excuse. I think it's because we and I gave the least hottest one less attention. I fucked up and should have talked to her. Also we didn't create a great party vibe really, I should have taken my girl for shots. Maybe brought out games. Disappointed cause she was really hot, but I know what I did wrong. Edit: Also mad I didnt' at least take some videos with the hot girl for clout on social media.

Last edited by Zllim; 18-07-2021 at 09:21 PM.
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Default 25-07-2021, 12:00 AM

07/22/2021 (Thurs)
It's a Thursday so I wanted to be sober. Went with Ant on Que and up to DS. Stopped a 5 set of really cute girls from out of town, held it down but he said nothing whole set. Pretty sure if I had one of my other wings that we could've instadated and potentionally pulled them. But I still like gaming with him because he does approach alot and lets me lead lol. I approached alot sober so I was happy about that, built momentum I guess.

Went to ng street and saw alot of other Ps. Ran into Stefan and he approached a 3set and I was surprised with how loud and leading he was. I should incorporate more of that loud friendly confidence off my approach also.

Had some more decent sets but I do feel Ant would lose them sometimes. It's tough on 2sets where they are both hot, but good for sets where the friend is not hot because he does not mind winging those, whereas my better wings would.
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Default 25-07-2021, 12:05 AM

07/23/2021 (Fri)
Went out for a little bit of drunk dg with Xarce. Right off the bat I ran into this girl (Leanne) that I've only ever talked to on instagram. Noticed her on the bridge, she was tall, had dimples and was hot. Went really well but I was late meeting him so I bid farewell.

Approached a couple Ps, one was cute and kept hitting me up to come AP. We were doing well then I approached a nerdy looking girl. Probably only a 6 lol, but she wasn't doing anything and I pulled her to my place. We were in my bed making out. Not sure if I could've closed as she did put up LMR but with more time possible. But Xarce and Xerces were both messaging me saying the streets were lit and to leave her and so I kicked her out lol.

Xarce had to see his gf, so I gamed with Xerces. We were doing pretty well. We pulled a 2set of cute brunettes to a bar then his place. Mine had a bf and kept the shield up the whole night though she was friendly so I never tried anything. Maybe I should have, but at least I got some good ig stories out of it.

Probably should focus on a fundamental before going out every night.
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Default 25-07-2021, 05:21 PM

07/24/2021 (Sat)
Was raining like crazy so sat at my place with Ant drinking. It finally stopped so we street gamed. Was good in the beginning but died down and kept seeing the same sets.

My last set hurt. Saw a smoking blond, great smile, fake lips, fake tits standing alone. Went up and it went well. She was into me. But I fucked up on my body language, I had one arm leaning against the wall like I was gaming her. Alot of guys stopped and stared and some even tried to talk but I ignored them as did she. I should have changed it so leaning my back on the wall so it looks more natural and like we're friends and less gamey. Also I was being too pushy trying to make her come to an afterparty, I should have baby-stepped her towards my condo. That would've been the right move like take her to get food or something. Anyways some whiteknight came and pretended he knew her and she went with it, couldn't believe and was pissed but she didn't get in a cab with him or anything, he just took her across the street and fucked off, thanks for the cb buddy.

LR: Cute brown girl
So I was walking home, got to my street and saw a girl standing with no shoes. I asked her if she needed help. She had a cute face, probably a 7, ok body. She said she lost her shoes somehow lol and was looking for her car. I told her she should not be driving. Took her to my place. I told her she's too drunk so I can't fuck her, but maybe in the morning. This of course made her try to fuck me but I didn't do it. In the morning she kept wanting me to finger her but she wasn't shaven so I wasn't feeling it but she basically said she needs that to let me smash. So I put a condom on, fingered her and smashed. She made me stop halfway because I was going too hard lol but whatever. Bought her coffee and walked her to her car.
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