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Default First day game report: Wall all got to start somwhere - 19-04-2019, 07:06 PM

Field report: We all got to start somewhere

2019/04/19 Bournemouth town centre

First session day gaming. Having read about 18% of Tom Tomero's Day Game I head out solo on a lovely sunny day. Set myself a challenge of 5 approaches. Goal is to pop my day game cherry and try not to get arrested.

Approach 1: Stopped a girl who who had a posh-ish look about her, wearing a gilet. Approached from the side as we where both being funnelled down a road heading the same direction.

Opener: “Do you know where I can find Tx Max?”

She did not look please at all about my question. She give a factual answer: Tx Max is the other side of town in an arcade.

Me: “Arcade like video games?”. This was an attempt at a joke. She didn't understand what I was getting it. A few confused words and we separated. I ducked into a Greggs otherwise we would have been walking the same direction and I could not handle the awkward vibe that would give me.

Total failure this approach. It was 9am which might not of helped, some people are just built of human interaction in the morning. I was not fussed though, first approach done!

Then a golden opportunity missed. Girl next to me in queue in Primark. Denim skirt. She looked around a few times as if looking for a friend. She was probs scoping me out. I had an opener in my mind: We where next to a rack of DVDs and I was going to joke about how old fashioned they looked. Instead I stood there like a mute. Total waste of a great opportunity. I did have good bants with the female cashier. I now make an effort to chat to every and anyone for auxiliary day game practice.

Approach 2: Girl coming out of bookshop had distinctive red tote bag with childish farm mural on it.

“Thats an interesting bag” I open with.

“Thanks, you can have one if you like” She replies while spinning on her heal and heading back into shop.

Disaster! She works in the bookshop. Normally this would be cheating as retail staff have a duty to talk to randoms, but as I was ignorant of her employment status I am claiming this as an approach.

Turns out to get a bag you had to find some toy ducks hidden in the shop. Some promotional nonsense. I asked why not a goose or heron instead. Apparently the ducks had a certain significance in the book being promoted.

I continue to browse bookshop for other girls. There was one browsing teen fiction who looked good to open, but I could not quite see her well enough to check she was 20+. I wanted to stick to my theme of not getting arrested so I never approached. The general principle of approaching in a bookshop defiantly appeals to me. Lots to talk about and my kinda crowd. Will be back.

Second major missed opportunity. Cute blonde in Tesco. A german student I think. I was gonna position myself so I could chat to her in the queue but she found a free cashier so that did not work out. Then as I left the store she was there putting stuff in her backpack! We where both holding bottles of water that we had just bought, mentioning that then moving onto weather talk is what I would of done if I didn't wimp out. These missed opportunities are worse than bad approaches.

Approach 3: Cute girl with red lipstick and posh accent. Stopped her by raising my hand, which was holding a book, and saying hi. My initial stop made her jump. I asked her where Mark & Spencers was. She seemed fine with me asking and we chatted for a minute or so then she left. I then moved the book into my non-dominant hand to lower the chance of my waving it in a way that startles.

At this point I decide that the sunglasses I'm wearing may be a hinderance. Eyes are the gateway to the soul after all. So I ditch them for the rest of the day and will not wear them while approaching in the future.

Approach 4: My best of the day. Girl was sat on a long bench. I sit about 4 spaces down from her. Played with phone a while then turn and ask her if she knows any where I can get a slush puppy. This opener naturally moves into talk of it being hot. Nice chat for a few minutes. My rambling did get a bit iffy at times, nerves I expect. I then wished her a nice day and left.

Approach 5: Getting a bit desperate now. I had passed up 6 or so ok opportunities through out the day. Now I was kicking myself for not grabbing them as I was struggling to find number 5. Eventually stopped a girl who I knew was not really attracted to. Opened with slush puppy, she was helpful and nice. No real chat but happy just to get number 5 done!
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Boyo20 (09-02-2020)

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Default 19-04-2019, 08:49 PM

Well, fuck! Don't leave us hanging, man!

Did you find enough toy ducks to qualify for a childish farm mural red tote bag or not?



Drunk driving on a Wednesday
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Rodolphe (14-01-2020)
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Default 20-04-2019, 07:32 AM

Sadly not. Only saw one duck and bag lass pointed it out to me. Duck spotting not for me. I shall stick to fox pointing and otter locaction instead.
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Default 25-05-2019, 10:56 PM

Hi mate,

You’re doing well. You’re recognising the fear that you feel and are aware of it. I’d recommend to keep pushing each day to do something’s that a little scary. That should be your objective go learn the skill of being spontaneous, to be able to jump in within 3 seconds.

To help further learn to qualify a girl, slow to begin with and learn to control the frame. The person with the strongest frame wins.

In order to control the frame you have to also be socially aware and do it subtly so learn how to inject a change of frame.

And also be direct at some point. Set up being direct by saying ‘don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’re really cute/beautiful’ etc and then continue the conversation.

You have to express your interest at some point. Initially it’s physical (eye contact) then it’s verbal.

Keep going it’s worth it.
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Default 14-01-2020, 11:06 PM

Lol "try and not get arrested" - and you approached a woman at 9am? That's like the worst time to talk to someone
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