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Stein 16-10-2019 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by whitewind (Post 125655)
Mr. Stein does not understand the situation.

In my second post in this thread I wrote why I am interested in her: I study German language and my client is German. That is my dream: having a German girlfriend.

No, I did understand that. Like Asildo told you, there's plenty of other ways to meet German women, even outside of Germany. When I was in London I was into Russian and Scandinavian girls (go figure), and managed that just fine without trying to fuck any students. Hell I've had stints with German girls myself without that ever being an aim. Student/tourist-heavy bars, international meetups, it's not rocket science


Why should I go to streets and approach women, or to clubs or in the library or anywhere else, if I have a German target, who is sending me all IOIs I know about?

There is nothing wrong with thinking about seducing my client, I still want to help her with mathematics in the future.
Also told you this. You should have better professional standards than to do it. You might still want to help her with mathematics in the future, but if you hit on her and she's not into it, she won't. Also, don't make too much of IOIs, easy to misread.


I have done lots of playing chicks in the past and being active in the local seduction community.
Not gonna phrase it like kowalski, but I don't think you've had much success. Like I said, the fact you'd entertain this and also the approach you suggested kind of point to that. There would be a better way to do this than "telling her after the class : "I like you. Can I invite you to a cinema?". I mean, this would be a bad idea regardless, but just from a nuts and bolts perspective that's not how people with game would handle it.


If you would meet the girl of your dreams, who reveals interest in you, would it be a problem, that she is your client?

Think outside of the box!
I don't think in those terms because I'm not Ted Mosby. And yes it still would.


I thought that this forum is about sharing seduction advice, not for telling people why not game a particular girl..
It's both. The seduction advice is go seduce someone else. You have suggestions on how to do that too.

Harshness aside we're trying to give you the best advice we can base on experience. If you ask us how to execute a bad idea correctly, we shouldn't tell you how to do it. We should tell you it's a bad idea.

So there's the advice. Take it. Leave it. No point bitching about it.

whitewind 16-10-2019 08:48 PM

Thank you Stein for your post.

When I was in the seduction community, I had done about 800 approaches, mostly in the streets and in the shopping malls. I had a decent experience of number closing, getting a date. At the end I found an LTR and I left the community.

With this German HB - she actually tried to seduce me the last time I was there, but I didn't get it. I was in my "teaching mathematics mode". I remember her exact words, and next time I will see her I plan to get her to that same thought pattern she had the previous time and respond to it differently...

I have been teaching math for 18 years and I never made any move on my female clients. I have never even considered it for a second.

But now I study German, she is German, she is single, she is interested, she sends me IOIs. Last time she tried what she tried on me. Maybe next time she will give it up, maybe she will do the same, maybe she will do something else. Who knows. But if she will have the intention to go upstairs to her room and have instant full close.. do I have to ignore that because I am a professional math teacher?

I am aware that the "I like you. Can I invite you to a cinema?" is a very AFC game. You are right about that. But AFCs also have girlfriends, wifes..

@Mr. kowalski: Could you please do me a favor and stop posting in this thread? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

kowalski 16-10-2019 09:16 PM

So, why were you insulted when your description of yourself is identical to my description of you?



Stein 16-10-2019 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by whitewind (Post 125663)
I have been teaching math for 18 years and I never made any move on my female clients. I have never even considered it for a second.

Hold up. Everything on hold for a sec. How old are you?

whitewind 16-10-2019 09:52 PM

I am 33 years old.

Alsido 17-10-2019 08:49 AM

It's so wrong in so many ways. It's kind of Sun newspaper story unfolding in front of us :D

Now it's sounds like she just playing you to for fill her own fantasy. 33 year old guy seduces 18 year math student. yeah try to explain that to her parents ...

I'm sure it's one night stand might be 2 night .... how big is the city you live in?

just to be clear you wanna date her not just fuck once? right.

whitewind 17-10-2019 08:56 AM

Hello Alsido,

In my city there is 1.2 million people.

I don't support ONS, only LTR.

I can say that her mother likes me, last time we had a nice chat at the end.

Greetings, whitewind

Alsido 17-10-2019 09:27 AM

I'm off from this tread. Personally I don't see how this gonna happen. Parents likes you until something happens.

Actually BBC panorama was about this shit day gamers in they 35th hitting on 18 girls... you might wanna watch it

Stein 17-10-2019 12:19 PM

Yeah, this is mad weird. I was assuming you'd be like 22 or something, you should seriously not be hitting on an 18 year old student at 33. Like seriously, check yourself and try dating people closer to your age.

Not much else to be said at this point tbh.

whitewind 18-10-2019 04:03 PM


My mother died two years ago. My father, who was 64 at that time, was about five months alone and then he found one lady, who was 31 years old at that time. Today they are married and they have an one year old son, my half brother. When they got married, there was a 33 years difference between them.

I don't know if there is a difference between our (mine and yours) religion, nationalities, social status, intelligence, education or I don't know what else, but I don't consider 15 years of age difference a problem. I want to have children in the future, so I am not interested in women 38+, but if a girl is an adult, and 15 years younger, I don't view it as a problem.

I am not asking for any seduction advice from you any more, if you don't want to share any, I respect that. I am an experienced PUA and I have my own game plan for what I am going to do. I have read online what the dating is like in Germany and I have also read some articles on Quora.

I will not be hitting on her, I will just see if she still has the same intention she had the previous time.

What I wrote before is true: "I have been teaching math for 18 years and I have never made any move on any of my female clients.", but they have made a move on me: one American lady started to kino me during one lesson, one Russian lady also tried something on me, and there were also three female clients from my country, who - I felt like they liked me too (but in these three cases I am not so sure, because they didn't do any kino to me). And in all these five cases I was ignoring them, just teaching them mathematics.

I am aware that this is a British forum, so maybe people in the UK are more conservative, like: "seducing your math client is a bad idea" or also the "15 years of age difference is too much". I am from the Central Europe, and people here are open minded.

Have a nice weekend,


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