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Default Out gamed him for fun - 18-08-2020, 09:06 PM

I love live music, obviously I have'nt seen any bands since lockdown, until a couple of weeks ago that is.

A pub I never go to had a band on outside, so a Pal and I jumped at the chance, not our usual type of music but a live band non the less. It was a baking hot day so it brought plenty of people out all trying to get back to a bit of normality i suspect, including my elder sister and her bloke, so we sat with them.

To the left of us were two Guys maybe in their late 20's, I didnt really pay much attention to them apart from the taller one being louder than the other.

10 minutes later 2 Girls about the same age as the Guys came and sat on the adjacent bench facing us, one had blue hair and tattoos, the other taller long brown hair and black dress. I gave them a nonchalant look and acted indifferent towards them, I could see the Guys getting excited about the Girls and it wasnt long before the taller one asked them if they wanted a drink which they accepted so off he trotted, while I chuckled to myself, he brought them their drinks, they thanked him but he didnt follow through and they ignored him. I went to the bar, came back and deliberately sat on the side of the bench next to them, I was opposite the Girl with the long dark hair.

I turned my head away from them as I sat down and opened up with...
"isnt it funny?" while I was facing my sister.
"What is?" The Girl asked.
Still facing my SisterI replied.
"No matter how old you get, you always feel uncomfortable around an older sibling, thats my elder sister sitting there and becouse im the youngest she used to pick on me". By that time i had turned to face her. She laughed and said.
"Thats sad, but I bet you deserved it?"

I then told her a true story about what my sister had done to me once, that got both Girls laughing. I told them I got my own back when my mate and I undone the front wheel of her bike and we watched her fall flat on her face, i empharsised her falling flat by slapping my hand and saying splat, the both laughed at.

Out of the side of my eye I could see the taller Guy nudging his mate and pointing to me and saying "whats going on there, how come?" then he started going "oi! oi! o!i what you doing with my girl?" The Girl and I ignored him.

Cut a long story short I told the Girls a few more stories and got more laughs, they were by now contributing with stories of their own, one mentioned about horses which enabled me to bring my Pal in as he has a horse story and enabled me to concentrate on the Girl with brown hair, who was by now kinoing me when i acted offended to her banta.

After a while the Girl with blue hair went to the bar as not once did we offer to buy them a drink (well you dont, do you) The taller Guy went running after her and they were gone for a while, when they came back the Girl with the blue hair sat with the two Guys, the Girl i was talking to stayed talking to me. I think he was expecting her to follow her friend, she didnt but he obviously got the hump came over picked up her bag and forced her to go over, I laughed as he had set up the chairs for the four of them, I went back to the original side of my bench and after a while she sat on the end of the bench next to me, I said something to my Pal about celibacy, and she turned to me and said "Tell me about it" I laughed, I got up looked at the two Guys feeling smug with themselves, while the Girls looked bored shitless bid them all fairwell and we left laughing.

Outside the pub I bumped into my sister and her bloke and she said "I thought you were on the pull with those two?" "I said nah just winding those blokes up." She said "why?" And i replied "coz i can"

Not a bad attempt, I probably could of escalated her kino but just having a bit of fun.

Thanks for reading my long winded post.
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