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Default No doesn't mean no - 25-02-2019, 11:46 PM

I haven't been out approaching but had a tinder date and to be honest it feels easier for me to make conservation with a girl I know likes me whereas a complete stranger still makes me nervous enough to self sabotage and just end the conversation at the slightest inconvenience.

This girl was easy to get along with she laughed at my jokes so we were having a few drinks at a bar time flew although I had only 2 pints since I had to drive she offered to pay or go in rounds but I didn't mind and paid for the drinks since it was only a couple then we walked around town and stopped at the cathedral for a while. I felt like that was when I should've kissed I never did and we just locked arms towards my car.

Turns out she lives close to my car and pointed to the road so we diverted and I said I'll get her home safe so didn't think much of her telling me she only lived up the road until we got close to the door which is when I went for the kiss. The kiss lasted a while, I thought why not push it further until my hands were basically her new underwear. She said it was nice meeting me as she was slowing going to the door.

Now I don't usually know signals and even if I did I would have a hard time reacting and saying I want to come in so I may have sounded like a nonce when the words I ended up saying was "I need a piss can I use your toilet?" It was said in a joking way but it was a half truth I did need to pee but was more to go inside and see if progress can be made. After I went to the toilet I was talking to her about being pee shy and she just kept laughing and took me to her bedroom. At this point I thought IT WORKED I got there in the bedroom. I was gonna get layed.

I pushed her against the door and went for it. The kissing was aggressive I carried on from where me hands left outside but the moment I started taking of her trousers she stopped and said she can't do this so quick. Naturally I backed off and thought okay and sat down on her bed and talked. I felt like that was my chance I'd blown it she still wanted to talk and didn't want me out but I thought you don't invite someone around at night for a conversation so I tried a second time on the bed I thought atleast this time we're on the bed things progress easier if we're already horizontal. I got her undressed and had my top off. She resisted AGAIN. I thought twice was bad I can't keep doing this I felt like I might have been pushing alot but when I thought about it she initiated the kisses in the room and I just carried it further.

"We don't have to rush things we can meet again you know" As true as the words may have been from her I stayed silent and just relaxed for a minute she asked what I was thinking and I said I don't know (I was thinking I can't do this after the second "No") it wouldn't feel right since I was already in new territory I don't usually asked to go inside so I didn't want to push on anything. She came towards me and kissed me again but I just stayed at the kiss and waited. She finally opened up until, it all progressed and next minute I went from wanting to say bye to opening a condom and it was such a relief.

I think I stress too much but when you don't know the reaction of girls so well its hard to try new things which in my head play out as going horribly wrong.

Anyway since LMR is a thing I was hoping someone could clear up a better way of getting around this.
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Default 07-04-2019, 12:48 AM

I think you've answered all your own questions there dude...
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