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Originally Posted by smoke rise View Post
I didn't shed any more of a tear for him than I would for a cockroach. For one, he was a fucking fraud punk, just like all "PUAs". Secondly I don't take kindly to stinking limeys (or anyone else for that matter) soiling decent Aryan countries by engaging in sex tourism. But I did read where he got smacked up by some goon in Russia. Served him right. May he rest in piss and shit.
lol someone else who doesn't have clear facts on anything...

firstly that "goon from Russia " wasn't actually from Russia, it happened in Minsk, and secondly he wasn't "some goon" it was Richard gambler that did it...

this is the trouble with pua haters, they don't have the facts, they just base their hate on bits of things they've heard, little bits here, little bits there. you don't know shit... and you don't know daygame or tom, and you never will...
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