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Why lie tho?


Maybe it was all a dream , I used to read Word Up! magazine, Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine.

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Cool stuff man. Wouldn't beat yourself up about not approaching a girl because you were late for work though, long as that was the actual reason and not you rationalising your way out of doing what you wanted to do. Obviously bottling it's never good, but we all gotta live so hey.
Yeah but it's not the end of the world if i'm late for work, so a part of it was using it as an excuse.

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Well done on the approach. I like how you approached on you're bicycle, but a few people give me shit for doing the same!

It's interesting that you went indirect, I think that can be good as there is a lot less pressure and if she doesn't like it then direct can seem "creepy".
It would be great if you didn't reply to this thread, at all, because you need to stop cold approaching. Like, completely stop, until you get therapy, at least 1 friend, and a job.

So I saw the bike girl 2nd date at hers, such a beautiful view of the city in her 1 bedroom apartment. Was a funny one because she was all over the place on 2 hours sleep, kept fighting her urges to bang with her rationality of 'never having casual sex'. Didn't push the bang because of how 5050 she was, had a opportunity to lie and say I'd be down to date exclusively when she was trying to articulate how her arabic background makes her really uncomfortable when guys arn't fully committed to her... it's all good, no point messing with this girls emotions.

This week I've just been seeing FBs and my main FWB twice who I get great vibes from. One Bumble date with a metal/animi chick who's insanely hot, but the definition of a good girl. Never had a FWB, no tattoos, never tried ciggs/drugs, got a 2 drink rule.... Will see her again because she that hot, and a dark sense of humor.

DAYGAMING today, first time in a couple week specifically going to Brick lane to get numbers/instant dates. Want to make up for a lack of approaching on the way to work, got a free session with a potential client and it's a beautiful day!
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