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While Mr. Alsido started to insult me by writing that I am an idiot, Mr. Stein does not understand the situation.

In my second post in this thread I wrote why I am interested in her: I study German language and my client is German. That is my dream: having a German girlfriend.

Why should I go to streets and approach women, or to clubs or in the library or anywhere else, if I have a German target, who is sending me all IOIs I know about?

There is nothing wrong with thinking about seducing my client, I still want to help her with mathematics in the future.

I have done lots of playing chicks in the past and being active in the local seduction community.

If you would meet the girl of your dreams, who reveals interest in you, would it be a problem, that she is your client?

Think outside of the box!

I thought that this forum is about sharing seduction advice, not for telling people why not game a particular girl..

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