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Default My Girlfriend and her friend Anxiety - 11-01-2019, 09:53 AM

Hi Guys!

Wow its been a fact its been about a year since I was on here last...hope you are all doing well out there!

I met and fell for this girl and weve been going out for a year. All moved pretty quick and now we are living together. Life is good. (Not great..but good)

So she suffers from Anxiety alot. Its never been a problem before as im pretty chilled about stuff, however he job has taken a lot out of her recently to the point shes been signed off by the doctors for 4 freaking weeks for stress!

Thus the anxiety has become a big thing now, naturally I get into doing research to understand deeper and ended up actually using a little Game to handle situations.

Just a quick post to anyone out there thats either been with someone that suffers bad OR who suffers themselves...what did you go through/still going through and how did you overcome it?

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