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Default Lessons from religion on how to get poon - 29-03-2018, 01:54 PM

A religious Easter post from your friendly neighbourhood atheist.

Sacrifice - to do sacred things [from sacra (sacred things) and facere (to do or perform)]

Sacrifice is human. We know what the other animals don't know. We are aware of the future and we know we can bargain with it. We can give things up in the moment to reap future reward or defend us against future suffering.

That's why we must always pretend the things girls say are interesting or funny or whatever they imagined or hoped it was, even though it never is. This is a sacred act. Perhaps the greatest and most valuable sacred act imaginable.

Without strong men willing to perform this incredible sacrifice the human population would cease to exist within one generation.

Ladies of the world, you're welcome.



Be authentic
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