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Default 29-12-2016, 03:43 AM

I'm training properly now.

At the start I was doing a bunch of reps on 10 different machines every day & didn't have a clue what I was doing.

10 months later & having learned a lot I've been doing muscle groups properly for 5 months.

Although I feel I'm doing good & I look good, I'd just like an opinion from someone more advanced than me.

I'll do chest the first day of the week.

Shoulders second (with back right after, but not always).

Then arms.

(I am not going to list every single workout & rep, but I am following very good routines & lifting as heavy as I can)

Abs are every second training session.

I think I just need a little more guidance on what I can actually do - what muscle groups can I do together? What frequency? Am I doing them in the right order?

For cardio I hit that shit very hard - I do 500 steps on the stairs (like abs, every second training session) followed by 10 mins walking at 5kph on the steepest incline of 15, followed by 6 x 30 second sprints at 14 kph on an incline of 10 with 1 minute breaks in between.

Ps. I ran a half mile in 2:35 a couple of months ago. I was trying for a 5 minute mile but had to concede 3 times & then settled at recording a time for a half mile.

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