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Default Dealing with a woman who's gone radio silent during lock down - 11-05-2020, 11:28 AM

I have a been around the pickup scene on and off for a long time. I donít date a lot of women but when I do, I have no problems getting them interested in me and sleeping with them. I have a good understanding of being an alpha male, non-needy and how to pass shit tests etc.

However, I am in my early forties now and really just want a steady girlfriend to settle down with.

I have been seeing a woman since December and having sex with her since the second date. I agreed that she could be my girlfriend around February and things seem to go fine for a month then all of a sudden she dumped me out of the blue. Her reasoning was that I never gave her compliments or appreciated the things she did for me and that she didnít feel that I was all that into her. I seen straight through this and basically told her thats not the truth but if thatís how she feels then fair enough, Ill go my own way. After around 6 days of no contact, she started messaging me again and I managed to turn it around.

Things were then going ok for another month but then this lockdown came into effect end of March and threw a spanner in the works. At first, things were fine, she was still texting me and we even met up outside in a park a couple of time to go for a walk. She would video call me now and again but the conversations were a bit boring since neither of us had been up to much.

We are now into the 7th week of the lockdown in the uk and things have really taken a turn for the worst and its kind of thrown me off. As time, as gone on she, has started cutting conversations short, not responding to messages quickly, never texts first and generally seems less interested. I did become a bit complacent and have probably come across as a bit week or needy by messaging her just to check-in etc.

The last time I suggested we do something she agreed but then hit me up with last-minute excuse 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet. She never offered to rearrange or anything so I didnít ask her again, a week later on the same day I had not heard from her so I messaged her just asking what she was up to. She got back to me about 2 hours later just telling me that she has used the time when her son was away to clean up the yard and pick up garbage from the lane outside. I havenít heard from her since.

I know its lockdown and she probably doesnít want to break the rules but what that told me was that she would rather go pick up garbage than spend time with me.

My instincts are telling me that she has either completely lost all interest or she is chatting to another guy. She is literally never off Facebook as I can see when she is active.

I know my only option is to go no contact and wait and see if she gets back to me. But how should I respond if she does? My instincts are to pull her up about it and explain that this kind of behaver is not acceptable if she wants to maintain a relationship with me but then that might just make me look even needier. I would just walk away if she messaged me wanting to break up. And if she never gets back to me should I ever reach out to her again and how would I go about it? The sex was still very passionate right up until the lockdown which makes me think all is not lost but its looking like we have at least another month of lockdown to go.
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Default 11-05-2020, 09:45 PM

Leave her be, the poor girl.



Drunk driving on a Wednesday
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Default 13-05-2020, 04:48 PM

Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
Leave her be, the poor girl.
Felt similarly upon reading it. Before long I was thinking fuck, this all seems a little excessive.

So what if she's talking to another dude? You go talk to another girl then, like most lads would do.

You can't win if you don't play
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