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Default Mid 40 year old looking to meet younger women. Can anyone help? - 26-06-2019, 04:36 AM

So I'm mid 40, and for many personal reasons (mostly due to lack of experience when I was younger) I do wish that I could still meet, date, have casual relationships, proper relationships with girls in their 20s. It's just that I don't know where in real life or online life I can still find these girls, I hope someone can advise me how to do this?

I want to be honest with them upfront, I won't lie about my age or what I do etc. (though I am young looking for my age) I want everything to be genuine. But I wonder how someone in their mid 40s can still meet girls early, mid or late 20s that are ok with a man my age or above.

I'm on sites like POF, OKC, I was on Tinder and Bumble etc. but I found that 20 something girls who have their partner age preferences up to 44-47 are incredibly rare.

So where else online would I find a larger abundance of 20 something girls looking for men my age? Any specialist sites of 'younger women looking for older men' or more generic sites that contain more open minded girls like this than what I'm used to. Does anyone else know any places on the internet to find such people?

Likewise as well as for real relationships, even casual hook up sites.

Also with real life, I don't know where I can find such girls. I don't go to bars or clubs really anymore but what types of bars are there where girls are more willing for this, like fetish clubs or places that are more specialist where the females are more open to my age.

I wonder where literally in the world to find such people. What countries where girls are more open to older men, Europe etc. Or what places in the world where holiday resorts are for this. is Ibiza, Thailand, Mexico but what places do other people here know about?

What other types of events or set ups like speed dating are out there that attracts younger girls for men my age?

Anyone with any knowledge of ways or places for older men to meet younger girls online or in real life do please let me know. Thank you for any responses you can give.
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Default 05-07-2019, 03:36 PM

Just start by approaching girls in their 20's that you find attractive. Go to your nearest big city.
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Default 05-07-2019, 06:36 PM

Hey man,

Just thinking straight onto the keyboard...

It's great that you want to be honest. That's a good foundation.

It's ok if you don't wanna go to clubs and that. What interests you? What groups or events are there for enjoying that interest in a non-solitary setting where the might be girls? Or just try out new things where you know there are girls, you might love it, become proficient in it and meet a nice girl who shares your interest. Not going to bars is whatever. But you must put yourself in the same places as other people in some setting you prefer.

It's not a fetish when a girl in her 20s is attracted to a guy in his 40s. Anecdotally, I can say that I think all girls that've ever told me about their sex life (and that have had one worth speaking of) have had at least one serious relationship with a dude in his 40s or 50s and banged several when they were in their 20s... or younger. I'm fairly positive others will have similar anecdotes.

I don't know what shape you are in or all that physical stuff but one should try to keep healthy, in shape and brush up well.

The rest is personality and even more esoteric tat after that which is more a part of your personal journey.



Be authentic

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