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Default First Date - Setting Expected Behaviours - 12-03-2018, 11:41 AM

This is something I have been doing for a while now, but essentially it sets the expected behaviours of a woman, how you want her to act during the relationship (however long that may be) and more importantly the behaviours you will not tolerate. You would do this on your first date.

For an example, let's say you don't like clingy women (I don't) let's look at instilling this behaviour.

Now you could just say "I don't like possessive women" - but guess what, that's not going to work. Women do not respond to direct commands until they are under your influence in a LTR. Until then you have to be smart and make them jump though the hoop. They want to be liked and be seen to be different from what is deemed average, so you would always infer what you like in way of a story. So my tactic would be asking them about 'dating disasters', women LOVE this type of chat as it's mostly all they talk about with each other anyway. So ask them, they will tell you a few things but when it is your turn, that when you create your hoop.

"Well, I went on a two dates with the make up artist a few months back. Nice enough and attractive, bit at the end of the second date I drove her back to hers and all of a sudden she bursts into tears. I'm like 'whats wrong' and she tells that she's mad because I hadn't txt her back the day before? I mean, it's been two dates and I'm expected to txt her everyday, some women are crazy"

That's it.

Now, she will make a mental note her not to act that way, and in fact go out of her way NOT to be that woman. In turn, jumping though your hoop and behaviour in a way you want 'not being clingy'.

You can do that with anything really. Another example, let's say you want a Woman to be kinky, ask her again - "What sort of traits do you find attractive in a partner" she will list off some shit, you respond with "Yeah, that sounds like me alright" then you list of the things you like, but specifically here - "I think a woman who is confident in her skin and sexually liberated and adventurous to be huge point of attraction, nobody wants a corpse in the bedroom right?" She will follow suit and claim to be all these things, again she will have taken a mental note of this.

The point here is not to make a big deal of these things, it's non nonchalant. Women are much better listeners than men, allot of guys really underestimate this. But we can actually take advantage of it and plant these seeds with the outcome being a women that acts the way we want and fulfils our expected behaviour.

This is pretty high level shit, I've had allot of success with this, so play around with it and let me know your thoughts.
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Default 08-04-2018, 12:50 AM

Not sure it's on the same wavelength as the stuff you're talking about, but still sort of relevant to the thread..

There's this lady I talked to online and got her number (without asking, but it wasn't like she was easy, I spoke to her in a clever, complimentary but non-thirsty way). On her profile she said she wanted intelligent, ambitious men NOT BOYS. Anyways..

After texting a week or so I asked her the other day when she was free again, because she was working the current weekend. She said Monday but I've plans blah blah, and that "to be honest I met a guy and we hit it off but it doesn't mean I won't see anyone else because I probably will, I mean who know's what will happen"

After reading it I initially took it as a brush-off. But then I thought this bird owes me fuck all I ain't even met her.. So I replied it's her business to do what she wants blah blah something about the weekend blah blah.. then i said "maybe talk to you again soon then or maybe not have a nice weekend x.

She replied then saying "NOOO we can still meet! I've only met the guy once lol let's see how we're fixed this week and if you still want to meet and we're both free then we can meet"

Moral of the story? Reverse psychology. (although I didn't actually do anything on purpose to be manipulative, it's just what happened and on reflection, that's what it was)

You can't win if you don't play
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