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Default Sober first date sex, on her period. Her second sex ever. - 22-02-2018, 06:53 AM

We bumped into each other on the train, we were kinda attracted to each other so I took her number, called her for a morning date. Went bowling, came back to my (mum's) place. Cooked her a meal, went upstairs, had sex (she was on period) and condom came off halfway through. I had a lot of difficulty getting hard but eventually came in her and told her I was on male contraceptive (I am, but as it's not publicly available she may think I lied). We both had to go to London in the afternoon so we went together and went our ways in London.

We had a great chemistry on our date, felt comfortable with each other and loved each other's uniqueness and self confidence. We didn't tell each other that but it was felt. She planned to just get to know each other, but I made her horny and did everything right so we ended up having sex. When she was horny, she left her pad open in the bin (we forgot about it when leaving for London) and she may be embarrassed about my family seeing that
when qe were in London, upon remembering.

The next day I called her, no answer. I messaged her in the night 'call me, baby' again no answer. So I'm wondering what to do next and how long to wait.
For context she's 18.
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Default 25-02-2018, 11:17 AM

I hope her first sex ever wasn't such an awful disaster and that she'll have better sex ever in the future.

Leave her in peace to recover from that event. Even if it had gone better, the advice to not contact her again would be the same. You contacted twice. The next move for your relationship is hers not yours. She might still get in touch.

Your next move is work on yourself and go chat more girls.

You are also very young, right? Why are you having erectile problems in bed naked with a, presumably, hot, slim, 18 year old piece of ass? That really needs addressing. It's not ok.

Why did you feel the need to tell us that you eventually came? The perspective from which someone tells their story is very revealing. This is how it comes across... It's super linear. Get girl, she's more or less a virgin (you don't care), she's on her period (you don't care), the sex is fumbling (you don't care), you make sure to achieve the goal of ejaculating during copulation so now she has your jizz in her which was not part of the agreement (you don't care), what was the sex like for her (you don't care). If that's how you are going to be having sex, pay prostitutes.

Well, unfortunately, it almost definitely won't be the worst sex experience she'll ever have.



Be authentic

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Default 25-02-2018, 01:26 PM

Completely agree with kowalski here.

The thing with girls (And some guys) who have had very little sexual experience tend to over analyse everything that happened, question whether she actually wanted it, etc. And because you had trouble keeping up little Jim there, maybe she thinks its her fault, that you didn't find her attractive enough to fuck her right?

Again, as kowalski said, its not okay. Pop a cialis or some shit.

I think the bulk of game, whilst theory and aiming to pull and think are important, is actually trying to be able to understand what your actions can do to others.

I've learnt this from pulling, fucking etc, as you do. But then receiving a lot of needy texts about me being with them, wanting me there, whats the next step in a relationship between us and such.

Also texting and texting about her calling you and calling her when she doesn't answer - comes across as needy in my eyes. Sure if the chemistry comes across that you'll want to talk more and more and she's comfortable with that, then go for it.

But to me, the ship seems to have sunk and there's little chance of recovery... however I'd like to know if she ever does get back to you.

Start everyday as if its your last.
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