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Arrow Top Tips for Top Performance: DO's & DONT's - 13-01-2018, 08:14 PM

So nearly everyone is saying that practice is perfection and this is true to an extent: it depends what you practise and with what mentality.

Emotional energy and the right mindset are key here. If you walk into a situation hoping to get laid then you will give off that impression. A lot of guys do this and a bunch of other things that don't add up. Women are emotionally more intelligent and superior and it's important to recognise this, acknowledge it and beef up our own repetoir.

So, here's what to do in any situation:
  • Don't take it so seriously: it isn't the end of the world if you don't get her number or mess it up. There's plenty of girls out there and with every approach you improve
  • Don't focus on yourself. See her and pick out little details and tease her about them. E.g. "That beauty spot is ACTUALLY adorable" - emphesis on Acutally because it's a neg.
  • Depreciate yourself: if you come along with the intention of being portrayed as a powerful, wealthy man that doesn't need anything she will be able to tell that you are trying to impress her. And she should, that's what she's accustmed to. If she asks you where you work say "the local offlicense". Your clothes and demeanour will indicate otherwise ,she won't believe you and she will become more interested and curious. Stop taking yourself too seriously and start having fun with this.
  • Be a man: Simply said but difficult to attain. This is important: you are a man that takes what he wants, but understands her needs. E.g. You tell her she's beautiful and grab her hand to compliment her smooth skin, but you don't drag her to the dance floor when she Really doesn't want to go. Every girl will have her boundaries, and all girls are different, so get learning.
  • Say no: Girls will test you and you must pass. Don't let her walk all over you because you want to get into her pants. E.g. "Let's go outside for a cigarette" - her. You - "Maybe in a bit/ No I'm okay". This denotes you are of high value and will not do everything she asks of you. You have boundaries.
  • Assign value to everything: Your time is valuable. You will do things you want, or compromise most times to gain greater value from a situation. E.g. She asks you to get her a drink, and you say "only if you're paying for the taxi back to my place". This is cheeky, risky and forward. But no risk, no gain.

  • Let her walk all over you
  • Let her push your boundaries
  • Agree with everything she says or asks you to do
  • Always speak: sexual tension can arise when you aren't talking. Learn when to pause.

Happy hunting lads x
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Default 16-01-2018, 11:14 PM

Cheers, we never thought of this.

You can't win if you don't play
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