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Default How to not get obsessed by hot girls around - 10-01-2020, 03:26 PM

Hey guys, I have a very specific problem. My mind is super focused on hot women when they're around.

I moved abroad last year. At home I used to have a group of friends, most of them naturals, who have on/off hot girlfriends. I know them since high school, so I was pretty used to being around hot and popular girls. (Because I didn't get them myself, I got into PUA). Then, by gaming I got to an intermediate level and scored occasional 8-9s. With this lifestyle, I was pretty used to to hot girls around and they were no big deal.

Now, I moved abroad for a job in academics. I also found a girlfriend who I am happy with. Everything's cool. BUT: because of the people I hang out with now (academics are not known for their looks, lol), I am never around any hot girls, except my own girlfriend. This is not a real problem,

BUT whenever by chance someones friend is coming along (or something, just an example) and they are hot, I almost can't stop eyeing them. Of course I don't, that would be creepy. But it's a real internal battle. If you're used to being around 3-4s all day (yes, sorry for the number system, just trying to make a point), when there is suddenly a 7 or up, your whole system is gonna be bent upon getting in there.

It sounds funny, and I guess it is when you're reading this, but it's actually quite stressful and I would like to go back to where hot girls are normal. Any ideas to how I could get back to my normal state? It has been 1-2 years of this and I would like to tackle it now.

I also stopped watching porn a few months ago, and i think it helps a bit (not to objectify women in general), but it only helped about 10-20%.

Any ideas?

P.S. I used to post on MPUA forum, what happened to that place??? This forum is also cool though.
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