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Post Daddy Issues Psychology PUA book? - 29-11-2019, 04:14 PM

My experiences with submissive girls (daddy issues)

Heres my thoughts so far, if im wrong correct me.

After meeting up with a few subs its getting clear and clear that those who never ever seen their real father but lived with her mother who had different men in her lives formed the daughter to be a slut who sleeps with whoever and prays for them to approve her and be in a relationship with her. She likes rough sex like every other sub, and does everything u ask for, but she doesnt try to fight back by trying to get you off of her, infact she wants you all over her, enjoy every piece of her and shes just laying there thanking you for this, and after a rough encounter, she would like you to cuddle and be loving.

And the other women ive been with had been strangled and somehow beaten by their father.
In this scenario its just like the first example ive made, but without the loving part, she doesnt want to be kissed, told that shes pretty, basically everything emotional would turn her off, even outside of sex you still cant compliment her, shes into way more violent sex and she would fight back in the bedroom, tries to scratch you, bite you, get you off from her by pushing you, calling you names, to get you pissed so you would fuck her harder.

^Correct me if im wrong

Then theres the kind of subs who
1: Did see her father on/off
2: Got raped by her father
3: Both mom and dad hated her
4: Seen father everyday but he never liked her

The list could go on.

Is there a psychology PUA book out there that describes the types of submissive girls by how their family relation were when they were kids?, because thats what formed them to be who they are today, what they like and so on. Not a huge book that shows stories, but just very detailed explanation like you would describe zodiac signs and how to make a specific star sign like you by for example not being rude to her etc

Because many of those girls always speak about their family relation once you start getting to know them better, so if she were to say for example her father didnt like her and treat her bad, then you would know what to do and so on.
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