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Default Why are you here? - 11-08-2018, 10:52 PM

First and foremost, credit for the following goes to Kowalski.

He originally posted this way back in the early days of this forum, but obviously all his posts have recently vanished forever.

I remember taking a lot of power from it, exactly the same way as K had said that he had. And once again I'm going to have this at the forefront of my mind in all future endeavours, including business, career, girls, challenges, life, fears and anything that scares me.

So, having found it in the deep, dark depths of my computer, I'm re-posting it on his behalf. It's well worthy of being seen again..

How did you get here?

I'm going to assume a certain level of intelligence, namely that no-one here is dumb enough not to accept that the universe is approximately 14 billion years old, and that abiogenesis and evolution are facts.

The earliest fossil evidence we currently have are 3.5 billion year old stromatolites of cyanobacteria microbes. Indicators of photosynthesis dating back to this period demonstrate that life was already widespread at this time. And, somewhere in that primordial soup, at least 3.5 billion years ago was our, your first ancestor (possibly a single cell prokaryote).

That prokaryote survived long enough that it successfully replicated. As did the next prokaryote in your family tree. Over time, due to various environmental conditions and the nature of reproduction with change common to all life, the offspring of these bacteria became more and more complex. Until eventually, at what is currently the end of that unbroken chain of survival and replication, there is you.

In this chain you have literally millions of ancestors each and every one of which survived long enough that it successfully replicated.

There will have been many times in this chain where the nature of the society, environment and biological make-up of your ancestors meant that only a very small percentage of beings achieved successful replication. Sometimes your ancestors will have narrowly missed killing one another in battle. They successfully avoided predators. They survived every possible disease throughout history. They adapted to change both within their individual lifetimes and by having the right genetic make-up and breeding with suitable genetic partners to evolve new characteristics which gave their offspring survival and replication based advantages.

Nothing: Not disease, not meteors striking the earth, periods of little sunlight, periods where the world was ice, volcanic eruptions changing the composition of the atmosphere, all manner of natural disaster, the shrinking of jungles, wars, famine, and more recently the spread of certain virulent memes that discourage reproduction and in some cases encourage self-termination, and thousands upon thousands of other trials, tribulations and obstacles. Nothing has broken that chain of survival, adaptation and replication.

You are descended from, what is in terms of what a human can sensibly comprehend, an infinitesimally long line of survivors, adaptors and replicators. You have winning genes, bred into you for millions of generations over the last 3.5 billion years.

That is something quite special. Your existence is less probable than winning the lottery thousands of times over. Yet here you are. And, although random chance played its part, much can be credited your ancestors ability and drive to survive, adapt and replicate, to overcome adversity and win in the face of everything the universe has thrown at them. An ability you have inherited.

That is how awesome you are. That power is inside you.

And what is it that stops you from getting what you want? Are you sacred that a girl, one you don't even know, who's opinion means nothing to you, will tell you she's not interested? Seriously! What a terrible lack of respect you give to that chain of ancestry and all the obstacles they overcame, all the hardship they lived through. You pour shame on your own legacy with your weakness and inaction.

Remember this when you hesitate. Remember this when you begin to procrastinate. Remember this when you consider not taking action to achieve your goals and desires.

Take strength from your genetic legacy. Take strength from your existence in the face of incalculable odds. Take strength from the responsibility you have to create the next link in this chain and to ensure it is the strongest possible link.

You can't win if you don't play

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