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Default My journey - 27-10-2016, 10:46 AM


Following various verbal attacks I thought I would describe what follows to help you guys see where I am going from.

This is how I work. I am highly driven by ethics. I am here to learn and improve myself. Just because something "works" is not good enough. It also has to be ethical - it has to follow my ethics. Just because everyone else thinks something is not good enough either. All forms of peer-pressure, hounding, online bullying etc are irrelevant. I live by my own ethics not by anyone else's.

This is how I am going to approach this subject. I see this as a step-wise journey. Here are my steps:

1. I need to understand the broad underlying theories. What are the main issues and principles? What works and does not work and what are the ethics involved.

2. Bearing in mind what does / does not work in the pickup universe, I need to decide who it is that am I. What sort of human being am I aspiring to be.

3. I then need to reflect deeply to see how well those theories of map onto my relationships, and see which parts of my personality I need to bring forward and aspects I need to work on.

4. I will then come up with what is probably a patchwork quilt of areas where I am strong and areas where I am need to grow and build further strength. This I need to write down so that the parts of me that will resist such change can not escape it.

5. Then I need to set about putting the theory into practice. Some of this will be "in the field" talk to women, some of this will be fixing up other areas of my life that still need work.

6. When I am then in a meaningful relationship with, some of the above issues such as approach anxiety will become irrelevant. Others will not, and the journey shall continue.

Yes there will be some blurring of course between the steps. But I see this as "a project" with a start middle and end. I shall be living MAINLY in each one of those steps in turn. Right now I am at the start. Step 1

If you are thinking of criticising me for living in my head and not getting out there immediately save your breath - I am not going to change.

Of course if you want to criticise me or my journey go ahead. But this is personal journey and I repeat I am not going to change. I am going to do it my way.


PS I am now away for a few days (of partying as it happens). Have a good weekend!

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Default 27-10-2016, 06:51 PM

People have disagreed with you in strong terms, but no one's bullying you bruv. Chill. This isn't a safe space, no one feels a need to be particularly pleasant on here, but if you genuinely want to improve you'll go through much tougher things than someone ribbing you online. It's not that bad.

If you want to get good at this you'll have to change in a lot of ways. There's no way round that. It's worth listening to people who've already done it because, like it or not, you have no way of assessing what will or won't work without a base of experience to back it up.

So what I'm really wondering is, if you have no interest in taking advice or changing or adapting your approach, why even post this? Surely you'll just ignore the feedback anyway? If you want feedback you're welcome to it, but saying you aren't going to change at all from the get go will get you nowhere

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Default 28-10-2016, 06:09 AM

This is the locker room. We'll grab you by the pussy.

Know Thyself.

Have fun.
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