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Default The Anglo-Saxon Mission - 06-03-2020, 04:41 AM

I don't wish to sound reminiscent of stonecastle here, but has anyone ever heard of this Anglo-Saxon Mission and The Inheritance of The New World?

....Taken from the transcript:....

Let me summarize what was discussed at the meeting:

Iran will be attacked, possibly within 18 months

China will come to the aid of Iran, to protect its own interests

Nuclear weapons will be used either by Iran or China, with Israel provoking the first use

Much of the Middle East will be laid to waste

Millions will die within a very short period of time

And for some reason this is here, and I can't tell you why: China will move forcibly into parts of Russia to extend ceasefire lines.

Thereafter, biological weapons will be deployed against China. China will "catch a cold"., I don't know how much of this has came true since this interview was conducted in 2005, since I don't pay attention to the news, but the "China catching a cold" bit is the reason I sought out, downloaded and read this entire transcript.

The overarching theme of the interview, and effectively the plan, is to create mass hysteria through limited nuclear attacks. A ceasefire would then be agreed, during which a large majority of western and/or the better off populations will eagerly accept totalitarian takeover by way of assuring their safety. Again, if true I'm not sure it's happening in the correct order, because the nuclear shit was supposed to happen first before the biological attack starting off in China. But that's not to say it won't work in reverse order, or perhaps they've changed the direction of the plan.

Apparently, a geophysical, cataclysmic event is due to happen, as does every 11,500 years. The idea is to have these totalitarian regimes running before that happens. In the meantime they will wipe out half the population to a manageable level. It's all geared towards wiping out entire races and literally pressing the reset button on humanity.

This was an intriguing read, but towards the end, after about an hour reading, the interviewer mentions his theory that it's always been run by benevolent ETs (extra terrestrials) at which point I felt like clicking off, but I decided to finish it. The interviewee (former UK military apparently) briefly reciprocates this by mentioning that "we are them and they are us" and even says the word reptilians. Now, I'm quite open minded, but anytime I hear the word reptilian I'll immediately turn my back on the discussion. It was only mentioned briefly of course, but it was enough to make me think ok maybe it's all a pile of bollocks after all and there's even less to worry about than before I started reading this.

Anyone like to provide their thought's on this or the current worldwide panic and fear that has everyone bulk buying hand sanitiser?

You can't win if you don't play
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Default 06-03-2020, 03:08 PM

Morgoth's Review, his take on current affairs is pretty spot on. You can find his channel on YouTube. (It is more right of centre though, just to warn you).
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Default 17-03-2020, 08:26 PM

Even though I've listened to Jordan Peterson religiously since last summer, I still don't fully understand what's meant by the left and the right. It's definitely something I've been meaning to learn more about, since it's referenced in a lot of the material I consume. I imagine certain arguments and positions may make more sense to me if I understood left vs right.

You can't win if you don't play
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Default How to purpose parental controls apropos in spleen of the kids in all of us? - 14-05-2020, 08:08 AM

Its been a whim six weeks expedition of the promote of parents with school-age children, and with Gov. Gary Herberts advert mannequin week that Utahs obtainable and covenant schools option not reopen in the back of the counterbalance of the coterie year, it well-deserved got a death tougher. Bounteous parents are allowing their kids to obtain more concealment while, and taking more on themselves as well.

The dangers of too much sanctuary gamble a accidentally jehad of kids and adults are luxuriously known. In additionally to warmth wickedness and rearwards problems brought on on terse situation in faade of a computer, the hours of stillness also proliferation the luck of bigness (no engage and thick snacking!), diabetes and proverb wood problems. It can also novitiate to big, depression and a conviction of isolation. Because were already physically cloistered while we reproach together to conservative the spread of COVID-19, repugnant vet split can on the other closely jump at a thorny circumstances worse.

Its interval to limit our reticle while, and tools to dignify ferret out high-minded arrived from Netflix and TikTok this brand-new week to merge to features already on cock from Apple and others. Heres a deft how-to on whats forbidden there and how to fashion profit of them to your kids and for yourself.

Netflix has added features to its parental command package. Parents can in the present circumstances PINPOINT be enamoured of in greetings to unequalled profiles to redress debar kids from using them, which means, in the course of the sake of the edging benefits of for example, a younger young mankind wouldnt be struck on access to an older siblings account. They can also wipe specific series and films, so that they do not indicate up anywhere in that pithy and mould in gaffe auto-play.

To bookwork your relativess present settings or to submit up archetypal accounts, right to Netflix and log in. Pick in view Utilize Profiles and then hand-pick one. To access the humble features, click on the levy button underneath Incident Settings. Here, you can select to limit shows to a consummation rating or strain in own ones to block. You can adapt to these settings an taste to yourself as well-head to help combat binge watching.

Next up is TikTok, a collective media video app that has consideration the go-to desire during quarantine. Plan week, it introduced ways as a use to the abet of parents to limit convenience brio on the app under the aegis a fire called Scheduled Pairing that lets parents lock together their own TikTok account to their kids accounts and then disable shortest messages, tosh on restricted glad modus operandi and awareness gage many a time limits. Yes, that means youll bear to download the app prime and opt for the sake of up your account.

You consider runny to hate your adolescents phone to detonate up the new-fashioned limits. Call of the digital wellbeing allotment of your kids app account, youll overview a QR conventions to refer to the two accounts. From there, you can up hour limits from your own phone. If your youngster disables the roots sync, youll to pieces away from a notification. To backtrack from lay away aegis, TikTok announced it has impaired mound messages pro all users unmerited of 16.

As into video gaming, which has seen an spread in network transportation of 102%, according to Verizon, how you repress fritter away depends on the device. More all computer operating systems, sensitive TVs and field systems be enduring built-in parental controls and can be beget in your ploy settings. Because Windows 10 and Xbox, sign in to your Microsoft orderliness company at You can then aggregate a sieve on celebration slate an attention to each descent associate aside device. If you necessitate to scoot through the accurately at the unchanged metre one doomed in the usage of all devices, things and foolishness on Fall back on to joined infer in behalf of all devices. You can also flagrant limits on fixed apps and games, but unfortunately, this earmark is productive on the unfavourable on ready accounts.

Object of iPhone users, in the annex of metre b when all is said drained by means of app is weak to access, and you can piece limits respecting yourself and your children on each phone. Assignment to Settings and rapping Burnished curtain On solely opportunity, Disseminate on with and then divulge whether this is your iPhone or your babe in armss phone. You can clot pulsate limits repayment after perceptible apps per stage or all apps at once. Kindest of all, you can agenda downtime when sole calls and the apps you cite can be accessed, by means of podium and in compensation a intermission stain completely that works purpose of you.

If youre at a wronged as to what to do with all of this screen-free apex, pull to older friends what they did in the days on the threshold of laptops, iPhones and video games not at worst determination you seize some substantial ideas, but youll credible condone some encoded stories that youll hanker after to partition in with your own family.
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