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kowalski 17-09-2021 03:02 AM

No, Stein. All my posts got deleted and along with them the thanks. My thanks piss on yours... which I mention because you are arguing from a position of popular = good

I set you up. That was a feint and you bit on it. That's how easy this is. I bet that you are so stupid that you would think that I had made a mistake about the thanks and you did. I'm Israel Adesanya you are random bar tough guy X.

It would be wonderful if it turned out you make these retarded arguments on purpose just for the fun of reading the genius in my responses but sadly that's not what it is.

Popularity... I'm putting it in your terms, for your brain. Even in your terms you are wrong. But yeah, I'm being unironic apparently.

The things you think are brags and not ironic (that word does not mean what you think it means). lol ... you legit thought I was bragging about oakleys the other day, you fucking moron. Then my reply to that flew so far over your head. You are incapable of understanding me, that's why you are irrelevant.

Learn how argument works. You've said nothing.



Stein 17-09-2021 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by DaredevilDom (Post 134152)
Jesus. I get Notifications, guys. Just, you know, vote if Kowalski should stay or not and then ban him. Either way: open a new thread. Thanks.

My bad man, this is dragging on far enough anyway.

The dog seems to have eaten Kowalski's homework which he apparently didn't want to do anyway. But he is sure showing me staying up till 4am to logic bro me on what a syllogistic UFC fighter he is. Dork.

Kowlaski's never getting kicked off here tbf. But honestly, I feel pretty done here. I have people in London I can go out with if I wanted to do game-specific shit anyways, and there are places where I can have more to contribute than on here. I really only hung out on here so long even through its Kowlasi assisted heat death because it was where I started out, but hey. There's literally nothing to do on here anymore except argue with Kowalski over bullshit and watch Dan conspiracy post.

kowalski 18-09-2021 10:16 AM

Exactly. You failed to address anything again. Sorry that I keep using logic and facts to destroy you. It’s a legit tactic that you can’t down play. Keep fanaticising about me, what I’m doing and why.

You took the adesanya reference seriously too… that was misdirection. you muppet. You are supposed to focus on that, then I get rip you for not sticking to the topic. This shit is child’s play.

You’re not on my level, kid.



kowalski 18-09-2021 04:51 PM

markuk, snidely weasel. Bottom feeding bitch. “boohoo Jaz boohoo Dan”. Thought your problem was with me, faggit.

Slobbering on my balls telling Stein he’s wrong and I’m right just weeks ago. Then I called you out for the retarded shit you said about covid, you saw your arse and here we are… the self proclaimed virtuous man. Disgusting.

They aren’t you. I don’t treat everyone the same. Neither do you. That would be insane. Think before you post… especially if you direct it at me, or I’ll tear you the fuck up in less then 100 words… again … any day.



DaredevilDom 18-09-2021 05:39 PM

The forum is dead because Mods do fuck all about people like him. Recommend me a better one then. I mean this is gonna go on and on anyways so might aswell be cheeky.

Stein 18-09-2021 06:51 PM

I'll DM you Dom.

I mean what even needs to be said at this point


Originally Posted by kowalski (Post 134182)
I’ll tear you the fuck up in less then 100 words… again … any day.

Lmao cool bro

kowalski 19-09-2021 08:26 PM

Yeah, you should lmao because I’m being hilarious on purpose. How dumb you are. You literally think that my jokes are your jokes.

This waste of a frontal lobe backed his position down from - kowalski is the reason this forum is so quiet - all the way to - This is the busiest forum but I don’t like what time kowalski posts at - and isn’t even capable of seeing that. He still thinks he’s got something to say. Joder, tío.


Originally Posted by Stein (Post 134186)
I'll BJ you Dom.




markuk 20-09-2021 12:11 PM

You are a spastic Kowalski.

The point I was making about Dan is relevant, he replied to it and you selectively choose to ignore it.

The point about Jaz was I suspect he thinks you're a twat as well but you bring traffic to his site so why would be bother to ban you. Most people have better things to do with their lives than spend 10 years posting everyday.

The covid vaccine thread, you again didn't bother replying to my statement the vaccine will have saved the lives of people who were at risk.

Kowalski sad, angry, cat man.

Stein 20-09-2021 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by kowalski (Post 134204)
This waste of a frontal lobe backed his position down from - kowalski is the reason this forum is so quiet - all the way to - This is the busiest forum but I don’t like what time kowalski posts at - and isn’t even capable of seeing that. He still thinks he’s got something to say.

Well, I've not backed off anything really. I do think it's funny though that you're up at 4 am responding to me and constantly going back to re-edit what you've said. Guess it must be bothering you.

But hey, keep up with whatever convoluted, galaxy brained way you have of convincing yourself that you've won something here, that you're not massively unlikeable and that you've been acting cringe on purpose. I mean, you don't care what most people think apparently, so as long as you can make yourself believe it bro.

kowalski 21-09-2021 06:43 PM

Yes, it is apparent that I don't care.

You didn't address anything, which is you backing down. And now your entire position is that you don't like what time I post (actually 5am here it was 4 there) and you don't like that I edit my comments... while you fantasise about why I'm up at that time and why I edit comments.

I edit most of my comments, take a look, I correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, I punch up my jokes, I modify my arguments, I cut the fat, etc. And the ones that don’t say edited, I edited most of those too. But if you edit in a short amount of time after the original post it doesn’t mark them as edited. There’s even instances of people replying before I’ve finished doing edits and me saying I don’t stand by what I originally posted ... sorry about facts ruining your shit again ... and I'm up often up at that time because I sleep and wake whenever I feel like it because my life correctly affords me that luxury, though sadly that might end soon.

Where did you get the idea that I think I'm not massively unlikeable? I am, to many, to most. I have no time for most people and they get that.

Keep fantasising on me.



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