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kowalski 08-09-2021 03:30 PM

I have never even wondered if there is a point to what you do here. Thinking about me, it's cute... lol ... Grow the fuck up.



Stein 08-09-2021 03:38 PM

The only reason you're a topic is because you kneecap every conversation on here by being a dick bro

markuk 09-09-2021 10:37 PM

I wonder how you are in real life kowalski. I know a lot of the older board members have met you. I’m guessing if you behave like you do here, you will get into some sticky situations.

On Dan, I don't really get it. You seem to insult him in every 2nd reply and he just accepts it.

The only one I've never really seen you have a go at is Jaz. Hmmm wonder why that is.

dan300 11-09-2021 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by markuk (Post 133977)
On Dan, I don't really get it. You seem to insult him in every 2nd reply and he just accepts it.

It's not so much that I just accept it. On those occasions where you think I'm backing down, the reason I've appeared to do so is that I can see within his combative responses to me, an area, or areas for improvement in myself, my beliefs, or my behaviors. I just couldn't be bothered retaliating and arguing on the internet. I have bigger issues in my life.

Although I have to say it does sadden me a bit when he attacks like that because we've been friends for the best part of a decade and I really don't understand the need for such a tough-love approach. If that's what it is.

VibeSpreader 14-09-2021 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by DaredevilDom (Post 133914)
Close the thread. Im leaving the forum. You guys don't even realise what you're doing and I don't want to be anything like you.

Another potential regular member leaves due to the 'harsh truths' Kowalski thinks he's spreading.

Nothing wrong with having a few 'training wheels' openers as a beginner until you're able to really feel more comfortable saying the first thing that comes to your head. A lot of people that have cold approached for years just forget what it's like to be a newbie. Shame.

kowalski 15-09-2021 10:33 AM

Anyone dumb enough to say something like this isn't deserving of any respect or interest in their thoughts.


Originally Posted by Stein (Post 133915)
No wonder this place is literally just you and Dan now

... which is most people. Most people are that dumb. That's the common factor. When I meet people who aren't or at least are aware and capable of restraining themselves, we get along great. But the rest, no. I don't respect them or care what they think.

Am I also responsable for the general decline in both forums and pua? How many other public, English speaking pua forums with the regularity of posts we have here are currently in existence? There used to be hundreds, with thousands of posts a day. But due this particular forum about pick up is quiet because you don't like my tone, or whatever spazzy nonsense you were trying to say. You fucking retard... you actually published that.

Have whatever opinion you want about me or anything else. It doesn't matter what you think.



Stein 15-09-2021 01:13 PM

Dude, this isn't just me disliking your tone. Literally, everyone else here knows exactly what I mean. It's clear what I'm talking about because you literally just did it on this thread yet again for the umpteenth time.

But no of course. Nothing is your fault. There is no connection between you scaring off every new member by being a wild asshole and the decline of this place to basically nothing. And anyone who disagrees with you is automatically retarded, of course.

If you don't care what people think and you just want to act like an asshole, whatever, do you bro. But the effects of it are obvious to everyone.

kowalski 16-09-2021 04:49 PM

On close to 100% off all things what’s obvious to everyone is wrong. That’s the reality.

You aren’t getting that that you don’t count and nor does whoever else you are adding in to your statistic. 0 of the people who count have the opinion you have. Social media got you all freaking out about popularity. Good one. So… popularity then… most thanked posts by a country mile in both volume and ratio goes to yours truly on this forum. So maybe you don’t what the fuck you are talking about. You do something and then you can talk to me on a level.

Who said nothing is my fault? Or that there was no connection? I already stated that it is by design. You argue like a woman “oh nothing’s your fault” ugh, embarrassing as fuck. And that’s not how argument works, dumbass. So you said nothing. None of this helps your case to get your voice heard.

So is it the busiest public English speaking forum on this topic today? Because, again, maybe you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about

This isn’t a conversation. I’m telling you things.



Stein 16-09-2021 09:40 PM

It's not a popularity contest and I don't care what people think, then unironically brags about his likes. Plus you getting thanks confused with thanked posts. Mines like 3 times yours bro. Smh. K buddy.

DaredevilDom 16-09-2021 11:29 PM

Jesus. I get Notifications, guys. Just, you know, vote if Kowalski should stay or not and then ban him. Either way: open a new thread. Thanks.

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