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Default Advice needed - 29-05-2020, 06:31 PM

Hi Guys,

Used to view this site years ago in my early 20s but finally made an account as there is an issue Iím having with someone Iíve been seeing for 5 months or so now.

Essentially met on a dating app, first was casual sleeping with each other, got a bit serious and now not in a relationship but not seeing anyone else.

Sheís a strange character. Very hot yet quiet at times with me having to lead every conversation none stop which can be draining. Sheís also extremely hard to to read and can come across extremely cold. Iím not some low self self esteem beta guy needing constant reinforcements but in almost 6 months Iíve never receiving anything resembling a physical compliment, which after half a year you pick up on but can easily accept if sheís been like that with everyone.

However had a big argument last 2 weeks ago and had no communication almost a week. Made up last weekend, she said she needed space still which pissed me off as she instigated the original argument and I find the whole Ďneeding spaceí things bollocks.

Yet we were still communicating and Tuesday night called her around 9ish she didnít answer, this is bizarre as itís never happened before in 6 months as she was made redundant in Feb, moved back with her parents and spends her evenings bored in her room waiting for me to call, got a random message back at almost 12 saying she went to see her gran(who has 2 on call carers) as her parents were both pissed, thought a little odd but let it go.
On Wednesday she secretly came round to my home and left some a gift sheíd made for me (sheís a designer, doll of my dog) but didnít let me see her and had a brief conversation on the phone afterwards where the first thing she said not to call that night as sheís FaceTiming her friends which she never normally does on a weeknight. Sent her a message of the doll with the dog and a thankful text, ignored.

Anyway tried to call her last night to thank her properly for the gift, ignored the call which the only ever had time she had ever done before the other night when she claimed she was visiting her sick gran. I WhatsApped thanking her for the gift and asking if weíre cool now at about 9ish. Never went online and never called back. I WhatsApp her off my work phone so have noticed today sheís not even been arsed to open the WhatsApp message and Iíll admit I did a bitchy move and checked out her profile and saw her online multiple times but still could even be arsed to open a message of someone. I find that sort of thing taking the piss and not the sort of crap Iíll tolerate of anyone.

So 2 questions. 1 this new thing thatís never occurred before, her suddenly being uncontactable in the evenings for first time in 6 months just 1 week after we had a major argument where she could easily have got in touch with someone she was seeing before, i find it suspicious behaviour, Iíve cheated before and can recognise the signs. So question is should I just thing this a coincidence, confront her or is the evidence too flimsy where Iíll look like a needy paranoid bitch? ...we all recognise the signs though when someone starts acting a little differently no?
B if this is all related to her needing space shall I just ignore her back or confront her for her rude and frankly cuntish behaviour as sheís acting like a complete bitch acting on her terms.

Any advice is appreciated, being pecking my head all day. Shit like this drives you mad with lockdown and no escape and to make a confession I was mid cycle when lock down happened and whenever you come off tren quickly it can fuck with your head so thatís adding to it

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Default 22-06-2020, 01:27 AM

This is your only post so I'm going to need confirmation you're still awaiting a response/there's not another long-ass update, before reading it.
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Default 05-07-2020, 06:36 AM

Not a vet - but I would chill and pull back a bit. You don't state what the argument was about but give it time and take it easy - it's only been one week. Bitches hate/love it when we aren't reacting to their games.
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