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Default 02-06-2020, 02:20 PM

I just watched that all the way through. Maybe you should try approaching women on foot rather than on a bike. I remember that Tom Torero from daygame.com dis a couple of videos of approaching women while on a bike.
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Default 01-08-2022, 09:25 PM

Originally Posted by stonecastle View Post
I have read about a few guys who have managed to become long term partners of prostitutes from starting out as their client. But I would think that it is very difficult to do. As you would have to stand out as someone extra special for them to want to have a long term relationship with. Like someone else said most of them have long term boyfriends who know what they do. But I would reckon that they are incredibly difficult to game.
Actually it depends on what country they're from as well. As the deep rooted upbringing (depending on the country) plays a big factor in that.

I know how to game a specific region (countries) in Europe, and I'm always sticking to those girls. First thing I ask is where they're from. And exclude everyone not on my list.

I actually got one though. Not from paying her, but just game.

So how it all happened was... I just came to another country and was basically out and about exploring the city (won't tell you the specifics of the city etc). And I came across a woman after my first week in that new country and city. Blonde and tight body, so I approached her and we started talking on the street. And then we hit it off, so we went on an instadate and I fronted dinner, like the gentleman I am. Then we took a few hours to explore the city center together, as I was new to it. Which is a good way to bond, asking the girl for help in showing me around.

Turns out, she wasn't from that country either, so I asked what she does and where she's from. And she told me point blank. I'm an escort. And for me that's not a problem at all. I don't put value or degrade a person, just because of her job. And I think she felt that. So she felt she could be open with me. And I'm like.."that's cool, I'm glad that you felt that you could trust me enough to be honest with me, I appreciate it <3", and hugged her, with a little peck on the cheek, then embraced her as we continued exploring the city.

She told me she was going to go back to her country in a few days.

So it all ended as sometimes it does, just with us parting ways because it was so late in the night.

After that we didn't have much contact at all, for about 2 months.

I didn't write, she didn't write.

But then one day I was out in the city center and I spotted what looked like a dog that I recognized. And I traced that leash to it's owner, and there she was! (Fyi, the city center ("old town") is very small), so it's not hard to find someone. But I wasn't looking as I knew she was in her home country and honestly had forgotten about her.

But there she was, holding her dog, as I was about to see my friends in the pub. So I was super happy to see her, I went to her and hugged her and kissed her cheek. And told her that I have to go see my friends and we once again, parted ways (non neediness).

So then a few days later we hook up, she brings her dog and we go shopping in the malls across the city and later that evening in the park. So I take the leash and start holding the dog, while I escalate and hold her hand etc..

[Obviously I escalated along our interaction during the day...]

At that point, she's primed to go back to my place. And being an escort, she has none of those resistance things like "civilians" have, about going unfamiliar places (unless you have enormous trust and comfortability), which she had anyway (my way of escalating has that baked in).

Anyway, we get to my place and the dog proceeds with sniffing every corner in the house and settles in a corner, where it lays down.

She jumps on the bed immediately and lays down resting from all that walking around. I come around her and she's like Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire in Spider Man (69). So I kiss her lovingly upside down, as I rub her cheeks with my thumbs and saying "what a good girl you have been for me today, I'm really proud of you" (daddy frame).

Then me and her start getting busy. I start with massaging her body, as a reward for her time investment and also massage her feet from all that walking. And she's basically in heaven. So I go and give her a glass of water and I sit up and have her rest on my chest as I'm stroking her hair and kissing her forehead.

After that we got busy for about 3,5h of non stop steamy sex. We had sex a few times more after that...

So now we're together. She still sees clients and I'm always there for her whatever she needs.

Pro tip: Treat people like people, and you'll go far. Don't matter if she's hot or not, treat her the same as you would your friends and family (except for the escalating to sex obviously).

End of story.

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Default Sensacje XX Wieku - 04-11-2023, 11:15 PM

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