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Default My game so far - 16-09-2018, 01:47 PM

Hey guys, thought I'd follow up my intro with how I'm doing or more to the point, not doing so far..

I'm recently single after a long terms relationship.

The first girl after becoming single and all seemed to be going well, had coffee, went to Nandos then weeks in "you're mint, I just don't want.. blah blah blah"... I think she was seeing someone else all along and now I'm not into her, she's into me again.

The second girl... gutteed I missed out on this one, she's fire! I hit her up on snapchat, wen't well, I'm much older than her, she's 18, and when I told her my age 38, after she guessed 28, that became an issue but not so much for her, more what she thought others would think. I coached her a bit in the gym, gave her a massage which ended up with her tits in my hands and making out.. another day she met me and we made out, getting a hand job and nearly feeding the horse.. she just wouldn't let me go that far on her.. she had to go and planned to take our time and take it further... never happened.. I should have done a lot more push and pull but I didn't know about it at that time.

Nearly pulled last night on a job, I work as a semi-naked butler on weekends sometimes. I used the ring routine after just hearing about it by chance and that went down amazing! She was divorced, talked about her job, got her talking and asking questions, she asked my age, guessed at 28 (as usual) and was really surprised and more interested in me when I said 39 - she was 41, I asked for her number after the job when I as leaving, she told me she had a bf but was flattered - asked why her, do I often ask for numbers, was apologising that she wasn't single.

I almost left and got dragged back in by one of the girls at the party, it was a hen do btw, ended up with a coffee and again talking to her, got cozy on a sofa with her, she was facing me and body language was good. Went back to the ring routine as she was interested and I was holding her hand explaining the rings again etc and I was in.. almost.. I just didn't know how to move to the next level. Got onto other conversation, her body language changed and she said she should probably dance with her friends at the party... she walked me out and kiss on the cheek and a really good lingering hug.
She said any other time or a little while ago, when her relationship was on the rocks. Just bad timing.
I'm sure if I had more game I could have had her.

I got her on facebook and suggested if she's single again to hit me up for a coffee.

This was really my first attempt at game since really finding out about PUAs. It was fun and worked to a point, I just wasn't equipped to take it past where I got it to.

Now I need to learn!

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