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Default You think she is/was into me? - 02-09-2018, 11:09 PM

Me and the girl in this story worked together at an accounting firm for just over two years. I have a girlfriend and I am happy where I am.

Now to the story. This girl at work and I get along well. In the first few weeks of working together we got lunch a few times, however that quickly fizzled out. Nothing romantic or flirting was done by either us.*

However, this year, literally from early January, we started to get lunch together most days and then come back to the office. Several people at the office eventually started saying that we were going on dates and told her I was her work boyfriend.

Now, she told me she doesn't care what they think and on many occasions that she would never date someone at work, and that she would not hang out with someone who had a girlfriend.

Besides being an accountant, I'm pretty good with graphics and she asked me on multiple occasions to show her around Photoshop and other graphic design software. She even brought her laptop to work and I gave her a tutorial. (This is key to the story)

We never spoke about what was happening between us. For me, it seemed platonic and that was perfect for me as I had a gf. I even told my gf that I'd get lunch with her sometimes. There was nothing to hide as in my view it was nothing like that. She even spoke about guys taking her on dates and that type of I was in the friend zone lol.

Now 3 months ago I moved to a new firm and she told me she would miss going to lunch with me (via WhatsApp). Naturally we saw each other less over the last couple months and ever so often I'd flirt a bit over text due to my male ego about not wanting to be possibly stuck in the friend zone with any girl.

Now fast forward to present day. Since leaving the firm she's texted me about learning how to use Photoshop and we eventually scheduled a time. I told my girlfriend about the meet up and she was cool with it. We agreed to meet at a local mall and said that we would bring our laptops.

Now I totally misread what happened next. It's like I was naive...or maybe it's because I wasn't processing properly lol. I am fully committed to my gf and saw this relationship as platonic. I packed my bag with my laptop and planned content to teach her and went off to the mall. When I got there, she had no device besides her phone and asked why I had the bag. She said she thought we would just hang out and that's what we did.*

We got some lunch at the mall then drove around a bit. In my innocence I even expected the lessons to last 1-2 hours so scheduled a meeting with my work colleagues 5 hours later (which she eventually took me to as she drove).
While hanging out I paid for the meal and she bought the drinks. If it was a date I'd have covered the full bill. But then it struck it was happening I was she into me? We never brought it up, she only mentioned that people say I'm her work boyfriend and that she would miss going to lunch with me.

She futured several events, saying we could go to a few events later this year and next year. Then we went for a walk on the boardwalk. We spoke about many things and the convo flowed well for the majority of the meetup. The entire meetup lasted about 4 hours. I told her about the meeting and she dropped me off at my office and that was that.*

In my view it went well, not sure about hers. If it was a date it may have been seen as underwhelming as I made no attempts to make a move (but again, I have a gf)

Before getting out of the car I leaned over for a hug and she said that I want to hug her cause I won't be working with her so I won't get to see her often. I know if I was making a move for her I should have moved differently btw lol, but again I have a gf.

Now, what do you guys think about the above scenario. It happened a few days ago and she's been talking just as often as before on WhatsApp.

TL;DR - Do you think she is interested? Do you think it was viewed as a date for her? Or that it's just a friends hanging out for her also?

P.S - btw while working together she stated that she has many male friends and she has mentioned going out with them before.
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Default 02-09-2018, 11:34 PM

This girl's probably into you based off that I reckon. Sounds like the kind of tentative thing where if you aren't a thirsty retard about it you could hook up with her but if you play it weird it won't be anything.

Thing that strikes me though is, you're asking this for a reason. It's because you want to bang this girl and you kind of know you could potentially already. That's fine, but not if you've got a girlfriend. I've fell into this kind of trap before myself, this cognitive dissonant shit where you want to have a girlfriend and play all this romance maybe we can bang shit on the side. It's a bad idea. Stop that shit or break up with your girlfriend and go be single.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” - Emerson
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