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dan300 07-08-2016 05:37 AM

New simpler diet & focused training

My lunch breaks change on a 3 week rotational pattern but nothing major just an hour difference each week.

Lunch - 40g brown pasta, lettuce, tin of tuna & salad cream.

After work - Lettuce, 2 whitefish fillets, salad cream & 110g of cherry tomatoes.

100g of 0% fat Greek yogurt.

Plenty of water & some green tea.

Gym - at least 3/4 times per week

Warm up for 10 minutes.

Abs - I do 100 reps of varied crunches in 20s & 10s, followed by 200 Turkish twists, 50 per set, with a 10kg kettle bell... Takes 30 minutes all in

Weights - I was doing machines for a few months & moved on to free weights. I mix it up each workout, doing the popular dumbell exercises (couldn't be bothered looking up the names, you know the ones) with the heaviest I can possibly lift, adding weight as soon as I can, & bench press

Cardio - My favourite part.. Since I started back in February I have been experimenting with different methods of interval training. From treadmill, to stair climber, to stationary bike, to rower. I have built up a serious stamina in that time & about a month ago I found the absolute perfect exercise which is surprisingly comfortable & enjoyable despite being gruelling in theory...

Incline sprints: I fire up the treadmill & set it to 5kph on an incline of 10. I walk for 5 minutes then turn it up to 10kph for 40 seconds then back to 5kph for a minute. I do this until the 25 minutes I set it to are up... The second half of the sprints I have been increasing to 11 & 12kph, so I am ready to start them at this speed from here on. The only reason I haven't been was to avoid injury.

Ps. The other day i set the treadmill to the fastest setting to see how long it would take to run a mile. It was 5 minutes exactly, that's how I know it's in kph. I have decided a new exercise goal is to run a 4 minute mile. I'll need a faster treadmill to do it, but first I'll need to see if I can even do a fucking 5 minute mile.

Pss. I had a heart monitored test at hospital a few weeks ago after I felt like I'd almost had a heart attack sat at my desk. They got me to stay on a treadmill that was getting faster & steeper, for as long as I could, whilst wired up to a scanner. They stopped it at 15 minutes saying they had saw enough (obviously I wouldn't have stopped) & the result was that I am fit as a fucking fiddle.

Which is a welcome surprise, considering the insane life I once lead.

dan300 17-08-2016 08:21 PM

Reduced my cardio to 15 minutes..

1 minute 45 at 5kph on the incline of 10..

Fire it up to 13kph which it takes 15 seconds to get there right on the minute mark..

30 seconds at this pace & back down to 5kph until the 45 second mark of the following minute..

Repeat 6 times = 13 minutes.. Followed by a couple of minutes cool down.

Utilising the less is more theory. Each of the sprints bring my heart rate to 200bpm+, & the longer recovery periods of 60-80 seconds (considering the speed up & slow down times) - the longer recovery gives more time to reduce my heart rate, which is of course the proper way to do interval training.

dan300 17-08-2016 08:53 PM

The treadmills in puregym have those heart monitor plates on the handles that you can check between sprints where your heart rate is at. I thought they'd be pretty reliable?

I certainly know the sprints I do bring my heart rate to significantly above the recommended safe heart rate for age etc. I bring myself to complete exhaustion every time for someone who is officially very fit as confirmed by the medical professionals who tested my heart whilst on a treadmill.

Would you say the heart rate has to be reduced to a certain point each recovery, no matter how long the recovery period is?

dan300 29-12-2016 03:43 AM

I'm training properly now.

At the start I was doing a bunch of reps on 10 different machines every day & didn't have a clue what I was doing.

10 months later & having learned a lot I've been doing muscle groups properly for 5 months.

Although I feel I'm doing good & I look good, I'd just like an opinion from someone more advanced than me.

I'll do chest the first day of the week.

Shoulders second (with back right after, but not always).

Then arms.

(I am not going to list every single workout & rep, but I am following very good routines & lifting as heavy as I can)

Abs are every second training session.

I think I just need a little more guidance on what I can actually do - what muscle groups can I do together? What frequency? Am I doing them in the right order?

For cardio I hit that shit very hard - I do 500 steps on the stairs (like abs, every second training session) followed by 10 mins walking at 5kph on the steepest incline of 15, followed by 6 x 30 second sprints at 14 kph on an incline of 10 with 1 minute breaks in between.

Ps. I ran a half mile in 2:35 a couple of months ago. I was trying for a 5 minute mile but had to concede 3 times & then settled at recording a time for a half mile.

haveman245 27-06-2021 10:39 AM

What I meant was no seperate installation of CoreAAC is required. I havent tested yet, but it seems all profiles that coreAAC able to decode is supported by this audio decoder.

Can anyone confirm the decoder expiry in 30 days?
Thank you.

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