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Default second night, first report. - 14-12-2008, 09:55 PM

Ok, so it wasnt the first meeting between me and the HB8.5, she was brunette with some amasing tattoos which i had jokingly commented on the last time we met and this had secured me a #close. this meeting however was not organised and i cant fully recall meeting #1 so here goes...

I went to the club about 11.30 and a bouncer i knew managed to blag me in, i got a few drinks and then bumped into the HB8.5 from a few nights previous, this time she was with a friend, brunette 6.5...

after introductions i led us to a booth in the club so we could talk more freely.
as we sat i positioned immediately by the 6.5, if HB8.5 wanted me she would have to move.

i started explaining a new method of meditation which i had been experimenting with (my cover for synesthesia, it makes people more susceptible as it gets them in the right frame of mind) they seemed to be interested so i ran my version of the energy tracing exercise, not on the target, but on the 6.5, i ran the exercise from behind the 6.5 facing the target, making sure to use eye contact to draw the targets attention (associative synesthesia was in effect here) This charged the atmosphere between the three of us, 6.5 relaxed and responded well, and as a result HB8.5 also seemed to relax totally (rapport built) .

the target then moved position to my side, sitting with one leg resting on mine, IOI, i immediately responded to the 6.5 with a neg, "a bit eager isn't she!", both girls giggled and the target responded,"id rather have her than you" (i saw this as a shit test, to try get me to work for her favour) so i said "take her then" , which she promptly did!! they stood and started dirty dancing, HB's eves on me the whole time, massive IOI.

i laughed and decided to try set up the best friend test "so you know each other pretty well then" they both sat back where they were before, this time the 6.5 had a leg over mine too. HB replied "more than you know" *wink* (3rd IOI) and she proceeded to kiss 6.5 inches from my face, another shit test i figured, designed to make me melt and show how attracted i was. instead i threw in a quick neg, "now i know why you were eyeing up girls earlier" (made up but who cares) the reply was the best i could have hoped for...

"who says i only kiss girls" she then brought me in for another kiss. with the three of us this time. after this we discussed bisexuality etc... nothing builds trust like a three way!!!. evenually i decided to go home as tiredness was threatening my game. i said i would call her later and left.

i have only now realised she has the biggest AMOG boyfriend... ex army and built like a brick shithouse, time to work on AMOGing i think!!!
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Default 15-12-2008, 06:47 AM

Ha ha! You never fail to amaze me! Congratulations are in order I think.

I am also rather looking forward to frisay night, seeing you in action in person. Hopefully this will give me more confidence and help me with my own game. Also if you teach me well I'll come up to see you at uni and come out with you to meet this lass, I can offer my skills at neutralising the AMOG boyfriend. I'll play him as best I can, after all, an AMOG has to rise to every challenge, I wonder how much he can drink in one go? Hah! I'll have him collapsed on the bar in no time! If there is one thing I can do its hold my drink!
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