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Aura 30-11-2020 04:04 PM

Approach anxiety!
I'm looking for tips or tricks with how people got over the approach anxiety for their FIRST sober approach in the street. just feel like I'm too nervous and wouldn't be able to concentrate through the fear haha. appreciate genuine tips.

Its very tempting to just slam a few pints beforehand but that's not gonna help in the long run I guess.

HaveACuppaTea 30-11-2020 07:18 PM

You've just got to do it, and the more you do it, the less anxious you'll become. I would maybe just start off giving a compliment or asking for directions, then once you get more comfortable with that, try having a conversation as well.

Jeepster 30-11-2020 11:25 PM

Your anxiety is in fear of rejection, its easy to say "Dont worry about it, it wont kill you" But when your new to cold approach it can be disheartening if you get rejected because your outcome dependent, especially if she is a 9 or 10.

Practice approaching lower ranking birds you dont fancy you will be less anxious because of the lack of interest in her so less outcome dependent, once you get better at your game and comfortable approaching those Girls and getting results and some rejections you will no longer be bothered about you can move up the scale.
Once you start getting more positive results the anxiety will go so will the outcome dependency as Girls become more abundant, and rejection will be like water off a ducks back.

Dr_Zed 01-12-2020 08:35 AM

Getting a wing who pushes you into sets can help a ton, provided he knows what he's doing.

Aura 02-12-2020 03:11 PM

Yeah thanks guys. Yeah I like the starting off with not so good looking girls first ill give that a blast

Dr_Zed 02-12-2020 03:22 PM

Awesome. Definitely do them sober as well. I appreciate a lot of guys use alcohol as a mood enhancer and to get them talking more (I'm an exception however, being teetotal).

acs 29-05-2021 09:54 AM

I have just started gaming about 3 months ago and since I'm in college I have it a bit easier. However, what really helped with approach anxiety is to just start off easy and get the ball rolling. One thing I did when I started out was that I would always try and talk to someone I never met before on the bus or something and start the conversation off situationally like:

"Hey, I never seen you before on this bus!" (say it with either a slight smile or a curious face)

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