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I've not posted much lately. However I wrote a friend an email who wanted to know more about my current trip in Vietnam, so I thought I'd share here.

A bit of background. I finished an IT contract in January in London and now I've rented my place out on Airbnb and deciding what next to do with life.
My current VISA is until the 5th of April or something in Vietnam (I've been here since early Feb).

Anyway start of email:

Keeping busy has been the challenge, I've decided I need to get into some sort of routine and try to meet people for social contact (I was also listening to a podcast my brother recommended by Richard Nicholls, who is a psycho therapist in the UK).

Apparently there was a study done on people who used facebook to contact people vs real contact. The real contact made them feel the same but facebook made them feel worse. (Perhaps that's obvious)
Based on that I decided to delete Instagram, facebook and tinder (I know....) from my phone as I'm spending too much time on them.

I'll give you a bit more of an in-depth coverage of my last week.

On Tuesday I went on the excursion to the Cu Chi Tunnels. This was via a speedboat up the river, which was a lot of run, although quite a long journey (over 1.5 hours).
It was quite a good tour and I went into one of the tunnels but then backed out of it as I got claustrophobic. I got the chance to fire an M4 American assault rifle which was fun.

Much better than my first excursion where I got accosted by an older Russian lady (now lives in London) who wanted me to keep taking selfies for her Instagram account...

On Wednesday night, I went to District 1. This is a bit like Zone 1 in London (except no metro, just millions of mopeds, honking their horns for any reason and for no reason).

I went to a street called Bui Vien. It's called a 'walking street' you get these in South East Asia. Lots of bars and very noisy. Girls try and pull you into their bar and you buy them drinks. It's not as blatant as Thailand for prostitution but it does go in here.

I've avoided the girly bars as far and sat in regular ones. On this night I overheard an Aussie guy so sparked up a conversation. He has lived in Vietnam for 5 years and teachers English with his Vietnamese wife and their daughter. He was a bit drunk and did talk a lot but it was quite entertaining. After that we went to another bar and watched some girls dancing and another girl pretend to DJ. We exchanged facebook details and that was that.

Thursday morning I had a surreal experience.
I woke up around 5am and felt something on my face (it felt a bit like a rat - weird I know). I then stood up (in the pitch black) and was walking to the door to turn on the light when I felt something bang my in the face, I let out a YELP and turned on the light. I turned around and nothing was there. It was quite scary. I think this could have been a hypnopompic hallucinations' (or maybe the cheap local beer...) after doing some research, although after speaking to my mother she thinks it could be demons. Anyway I slept fine the nights after.

Thursday daytime, got chatting to a girl sitting outside the mall, she spoke fluent English as she'd lived in the US for a few years. At the time I felt she was attracted but she seems a bit luke warn over messenger so I don't see it going anywhere

On Friday I joined a co-working space. It's in a beautiful old building, which even has a swimming pool. They even do Airbnb bedrooms here for 450 a month. I'm paying closer to 900 which is too much I know.
I've heard people are staying in two bedroom apartments for $400 (USD a month).

I joined up to a couple of websites, an expat forum and inter-nations (well I was already a member).

On Saturday I met a Vietnam / American guy. He was born in Vietnam but moved to USA 15 years ago, but only this year moved back to Vietnam. He told me he moved back as his parents were getting old. Apparently his mum doesn't like some of his new American cultural values, like speaking up for himself. He told me he doesn't feel American and he is going to try not to speak back to his parents. It seems a little sad to me that he's given up on his own life (well that's the impression I got) but maybe he's happier, who knows.

I got chatting to a girl (in her 30's) in the mall. She seemed relatively keen and we spoke about meeting next weekend.

On Saturday evening, I went to the inter-nations event (the entrance fee was quite expensive, but I've joined a free monthly trial so it was a bit cheaper)

I met some interesting characters (as I'm sure you could imagine). The highlights:
Beautiful local girl. I didn't get her name, too many guys were trying to get to her. She looked a bit lost and confused.

South African man - Early 50's had worked in banking in Jo' Berg but now was running some sort of IT company in Vietnam. Is divorced but looking for women on Tinder. He seems a good laugh, described the event as a 'sausage fest' but could have a drink problem.

The Posh English Guy. He was probably in his 50's and used to work in Finance before moving to Vietnam and changing careers for Insurance. He gave me details of another group who meet on Wednesday's (I think mainly Tech people). He seemed okay but at one point he seemed to be going on about the call girls here (so think he's a bit of a perv).

Older South African lady. She had lived in China and told me she liked the directness of the Chinese (as it's similar to SA's). He asked me if she had offended me (as I was folding my arms). She was a bit of a character but came across slightly deranged (you know when people are acting friendly but you feel they are holding back and just want to act crazy, maybe not but she was like this).

The anti-social German. He didn't say much just mentioned something about there being too many Turkish in German when the SA guy mentioned politics.

Japanese woman. I could tell she fancied me but she was quite old and not attractive to me. She later messaged me and seemed super keen. I confused her with the 'Beautiful Local girl' so suggested we meet for coffee. Only after I added her on whatsapp I realised my mistake. I managed to get myself out of that situation luckily.
On Sunday

I also went to the gym (there is one in the complex I'm here - that was the first time for a couple of weeks and I feel the benefit today)
I've been doing meditation most days, but I didn't do any Saturday and Saturday. Back on it today.

Realise deeply the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life. Eckhart Tolle
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