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VibeSpreader 23-02-2020 09:32 PM

Spread em- A coaches field reports
This is my first ever written log approaching, hopefully it'll inspire some people to approach more and enjoy game.

I'm going to outline it with a recent success/fail if it's worth it, and if not I'll tell a past story, then finish with a ramble.

Thursday 13th Feb- Cycled home during rush hour wish is rare for me, in a high grade mood due to finishing work earlier. At a red light I noticed a very in shape lady also cycling, get off to walk accross the light, who was wearing a pollution mask-


Her- What...?

me- Sorry to interrupt evasion of the red light, I wanted to ask if your mask is any good? I'm looking at getting one so I can live longer and not catch the corona virus.

Her- *surprised laugh* yes actually it's good I guess....

She then removed the mask and was telling me the brand name when I interrupted her-

Me- Oh shit! I really thought you'd be an old lady but you're shockingly cute, whats your name?

Her- *even more surprised laughter* Dani

She was way more receptive than I expected because I was looking dishevelled (and more importantly, was getting mega hungry) and she was hot as hell, managed to get a 2 minute random chat on the pavement in, acknowledging the funny awkwardness of the situation when people were walking around us to get past. Teased her for forgetting my name even though I hadn't said it, and talked shit about who could cycle fasted.

Told her I liked her energy and that I'd get a drink with her but unfortunately tonight was the only free evening I had for the next week... luckily she was too so I number closed and told her I'd send a bar to meet at 9pm after eating dinner.

The drink went really well, she's mega confident and there were a lot of 'frame control battles' aka banter to see who reacts more to who. I often dont go for the kiss on a first drink to build tension but we ended up making out alot, only didn't pull because of an early start the next day. The plan is Uno at mine at some point next week, we'll see. High value girl who's been on a TV show so has got a lot of attention from other dudes, and I'm busy AF right now.

Most annoying 'fail' springing to mind recently was not approaching a girl because I was late for work, she was at least a 15/10 so should have gone for it, pussssssy.

kowalski 23-02-2020 10:44 PM

Why lie tho?



Stein 24-02-2020 09:09 AM

Cool stuff man. Wouldn't beat yourself up about not approaching a girl because you were late for work though, long as that was the actual reason and not you rationalising your way out of doing what you wanted to do. Obviously bottling it's never good, but we all gotta live so hey.

Stein 24-02-2020 05:24 PM

There's a difference between talking to a girl while you happen to be on a bicycle commuting and going out round town on a bicycle strapped with a camera trying to approach people my dude.

VibeSpreader 01-03-2020 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by kowalski (Post 126942)
Why lie tho?



Maybe it was all a dream , I used to read Word Up! magazine, Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine.


Originally Posted by Stein (Post 126948)
Cool stuff man. Wouldn't beat yourself up about not approaching a girl because you were late for work though, long as that was the actual reason and not you rationalising your way out of doing what you wanted to do. Obviously bottling it's never good, but we all gotta live so hey.

Yeah but it's not the end of the world if i'm late for work, so a part of it was using it as an excuse.


Originally Posted by first person approacher (Post 126953)
Well done on the approach. I like how you approached on you're bicycle, but a few people give me shit for doing the same!

It's interesting that you went indirect, I think that can be good as there is a lot less pressure and if she doesn't like it then direct can seem "creepy".

It would be great if you didn't reply to this thread, at all, because you need to stop cold approaching. Like, completely stop, until you get therapy, at least 1 friend, and a job.

So I saw the bike girl 2nd date at hers, such a beautiful view of the city in her 1 bedroom apartment. Was a funny one because she was all over the place on 2 hours sleep, kept fighting her urges to bang with her rationality of 'never having casual sex'. Didn't push the bang because of how 5050 she was, had a opportunity to lie and say I'd be down to date exclusively when she was trying to articulate how her arabic background makes her really uncomfortable when guys arn't fully committed to her... it's all good, no point messing with this girls emotions.

This week I've just been seeing FBs and my main FWB twice who I get great vibes from. One Bumble date with a metal/animi chick who's insanely hot, but the definition of a good girl. Never had a FWB, no tattoos, never tried ciggs/drugs, got a 2 drink rule.... Will see her again because she that hot, and a dark sense of humor.

DAYGAMING today, first time in a couple week specifically going to Brick lane to get numbers/instant dates. Want to make up for a lack of approaching on the way to work, got a free session with a potential client and it's a beautiful day!

Catboy 01-03-2020 01:39 PM

How are you going to pay the costs? Get a job.

VibeSpreader 01-03-2020 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by first person approacher (Post 126987)
I have to search for jobs as part of my Universal Credit agreement, so of course I am working on getting a job, you moron. Besides, I said free coaching, if you actually read the comment properly.
I wouldn't pay for the time of someone who happily insults me. (And probably isn't very good to begin with!).

Glad to hear you're trying to get a job, I read that you are 'long term unemployed' so assumed you'd given up. There's an app called 'intonations' that was recommended by a friend who's moved to a new city, says it's good for making friends. Therapy can be gotten through the NHS. I'm sure that my above advice would be better for you than a coaching session, goodluck.

Anyway, had a really fun session in Brick lane today. Was in a really good mood because 1) Did 11 straight handstand pushups/2x 15 second tuck planches/6 1APU + a coffee before going out. Then just as I left the house, I got an unexpected text from the bumble date inviting me to her house for dinner on Thursday, along with a sample picture of her cooking, which looks exquisite.

My most solid close was on the way to brick lane with a chick who just come from a fitness convention, high grade physique and just really friendly. Text back n forthduring the day and sent her a video of my in brick lane schooling some guy who'd set up chess tables, had a massive crowd watching too!

Had a couple sets that didn't hook as well as normal, but state stayed high because I was with a fun wing. Offered someone 'PEACE, LOVE AND WISDOM' while closing my eyes who found it hilarious, and went on to chat shit about a psychic had told me I was going to meet a sexy wearing a purple top who was unable to eat her food properly (the chick had missed her mouth while I was talking). Carried this sillyness on for a while.
The idea to chat shit about a psychic comes from one of my FWB who is really into this stuff, crystal balls and the like, personally i find it slightly insane....

Most notable part of the day was meeting my fav FWB and doing a double date in central with a 9/10 Isrealie girl my wing had just approached. SHe felt really comfortable when my FWB arrived because of the even numbers and social proof my wing got. He ended up nearly banging her at his, while we watched 'The gentleman' (epic movie!).

Got a feeling this week coming up is going to be a madness! Will be posting infield audio clips for your enjoyment too.

VibeSpreader 12-03-2020 11:53 PM

Last week was solid fun all round, bumble day2 was a success (played super smash brothers) and had one of the fastest pulls from an engagement party ever that was real smooth/natural .

Just wanted to put it out there that the CORONA virus should be a time to really step up the good deeds AKA gaming!!!!!!!!!!!

dan300 13-03-2020 12:43 AM

Sounds like you're having fun, which is cool. But don't be recording stuff without girls consent. It's just really unethical, and wrong.

VibeSpreader 15-03-2020 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by dan300 (Post 127084)
Sounds like you're having fun, which is cool. But don't be recording stuff without girls consent. It's just really unethical, and wrong.


What do you think of audio only? I don't think its unethical, there's no way her identity will be revealed. Uncensored infields, yeah, I hear you. 1000000s of funny videos from things happening in public are posted without consent too, are they unethical?

The next one I'll post is an audio with 'Oh my gosh, my girlfriend would find you SO attractive'.

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