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I am going to keep a log of my escapades, I don’t know even how active this forum is, not very it appears? I want to log this so other can read and learn, critique and discuss but mainly so I myself can remind myself of victories and losses to keep myself on track. For those looking for the car chase skip down for the first field report.


I’ll preface this with my background. I found about game when I was 19, it was a dark rainy night in North West England from which I spawned, I was in the first year of university. I had long awaited university with eager anticipation as I had envisioned the rows and rows of beautiful, and more importantly intelligent, girls that I would encounter and seduce. On this fateful night I had gone out with my flat mates to a club, gotten extremely drunk and had wandered home alone early in the night in a poor mood feeling very sorry for myself. My relationship with women prior to this point was a mixed bag, I had been a natural sometimes and succeeded without understanding how, usually by attributing it to my looks or my luck, or I had been a pathetic loser who also felt that my lack of success was due to again, my looks or my luck. From the ages of 17-19 I was best friends with a drunk and I didn’t understand that drinking so heavily was not healthy or normal and so when I got to university I continued my life of getting drunk until the point of blackout and of course found myself masturbating and listening to bleak music trying to gage why I was struggling to get a girlfriend or even a kiss with a girl after my precious scattered success. By the time I reached my room on this wet cold night, the pity I had felt for myself had somehow mutated into anger and frustration about my situation. When I typed into Google “how to get girls” I never imagined what I would find. This was 2012 and like everybody else I was enthralled and consumed what I could and went down the rabbit hole quickly and eagerly.

Fast forward to today. I’m 26 and I currently live in Dublin. A month ago the five year relationship ended with the girl I had met when I was 21 and nearing the end of my 2nd term of university. The end of the relationship was not a sad or traumatic experience. The relationship had decayed over time and I found myself thinking often of the bachelor life. Immediately the end of the relationship triggered a rejuvenation of my soul as it were, I had fallen victim to the typical symptoms of a long term relationship: I lost my sense of direction in my own life, my diet was poor, I made no effort to build my own social circle past the key friends I already had, I did no physical exercise, I became complacent and I got bored of bickering and instead allowed myself to become a beta.

For those paying attention you’ll note that I confirmed I’m from the North West in England and I currently live in Dublin. In the 5-year period I was with this girl I moved over to Ireland to be with her after I graduated and we had about 3 and a half years together that were great. I got a good job in a bank and began to work on my career as well as try different ventures with my best friend. The relationship ended and I found myself single for the first time in a long time and the opportunity that lies here in front of me is great and I am delighted to have it in reach.

Despite knowing about game and being a theory junkie, I never applied any techniques or practiced game in the period before I entered this relationship. I used female friends as pivots, and I was aware of all the various game aspects so of course I used things when I could but I had never gone out with the intention of gaming and successfully done so, instead I had usually got drunk and gone home grumpy. It was a common point of mockery for me at the time from friends, and rightly so, I apparently become very grumpy when drunk, not aggressive or violent, from what I have gaged more like a child throwing a tantrum, sexy as hell obviously...

Now however I am older, more experienced, more confident, I’ve been through a lot in the past 5 years that makes picking up girls seem simple.

I am going to report every night I go out and game/have dates/success with women, these posts may be few and far between for the next couple of months as I am looking to focus on a few career goals and relocating back to England currently so nights may be limited for the time being, day game may occur but I will not be going out in the day solely for game.

All feedback desired,

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Field report #1 - Blind no more - Warning - Long Post - Part 1

May 4th 2019
Location: Preston, Lancashire
With: My best mate/wing

Too long didn’t read: I go out sober for the first time ever with my friend, we are out from 8pm-6am – which is 10 hours on the sarge…. end up with a k-close after 7 opens a ton, talked a lot of filth with women and generally a good night with lots of big learning experiences.

Since the split with my ex I have prepping for my first night out and I had been focusing on how I would be sure to be proactive and not pussy out or fail horrendously so quick. I watched a lot of RSD and Todd V in the past few weeks as well as YouTube complications of Patrice O’Neal and Bill Burr and their philosophy on women and dating, highly recommended. I have also been working out daily and eating healthy and generally feeling great. I had hit up my best friend and planned to come over to England for a weekend of hanging out and playing music (both studied music together at university). He is the only friend who knows about game and who I talk to about game with regularly. When we were in university, he was much more proactive and successful with game than I, oftentimes I was a obstacle in his game as I would get too drunk and wouldn’t be of any help. As we’ve been friends for a long time and have gone out a lot before he said that when we go out, we shouldn’t drink.

I agreed with him despite the fact I knew that it would be extremely difficult. The plan was as such: I would arrive on the Friday night and we would go out and game and then the Saturday we would repeat. When it came to it Friday’s plans altered somewhat due to his girlfriend’s plans affecting our own. The night was not one spent gaming and so is not worth discussing. The day after, the 4th we played music in the day and at 6pm we set off to go bowling and get something to eat. We bowled and ate and then set off to our first venue to begin the gaming. The reason the gaming didn’t start there is purely because there were no sets, it was mainly people watching the football or on dates. My friend and I are constantly goofing around and having fun and have a good friendship going back 7 years, this is important as he is a solid wingman and without his company, I am unsure what the night could have resulted in.

We hit the first venue which I choose as it has a lot of gimmicks that are good for opening sets. There’s a pool table, big smoking area and two Xbox consoles set up with FIFA and Mario Kart. When we arrive it is relatively quiet, there’s a few groups in sat in booths and a few other groups sat tables. Preston is a place heavily populated by students, it was clear that 95% in this venue were students. When we entered the venue, I was sure to greet the bouncer and immediately go over to the pool table and ask the lads playing if they wanted to do doubles. Often time in venues it’s men that I find difficult to deal with, I’m 5.6 and find myself in my head when confronted with a lot of men. When I approached the table the blokes were towering above me and were well built, I asked them clearly and confidently about doubles and was surprised when they turned out to be shy and nervous. They said no and I said to let us know if they change their mind, as they left one of them turned and said, “I might be back mate, I’ll see where the girlfriend is first”. As minor as this seems it was good for me to have this interaction. My friend and I played pool, and both scanned the room in between turns while sipping our cokes. It was clear that any opening in the room was going to be tricky, especially for a first open, as all the sets where 4+ people. After the pool ended I asked my friend that we go to the smoking area as there might be a few people out there, we get there and there are two women having a cigarette on one of the benches, their backs are turned to us and they seem rather old (mid 30s?) we sit across from them and I begin to overthink, the 3 second rule falls away and we don’t open. I immediately feel a sense of regret and frustration, so much so that my friend’s conversation wavers in the air in front of me and I struggle to listen.

Set 1 - 4 girls

At this point a group of four girls sits down on the bench next to us, I look over and spot one has a slushee with her.

Me: What is that?
Girl with the slushee: it’s a slushee!

At this point the 4 girls are looking at me and my friend has turned to them, I think he was caught off guard by my open as he didn’t say anything. The one I opened with the slushee was a 4 and the others sat further way I didn’t even look at.

Me: where did you get that?

At this point one of the girls, clearly the mother hen responds in a harsh tone:

“It’s on the menu...”

She’s about a 4 also.

I had expected a shit test but not so quickly and not from somebody I wasn’t directly talking to. I didn’t particularly respond to her as she appeared rude but she seemed to recognize this as she didn’t peruse it further. I can’t recall the rest of the conversation with the girl with he slushee as it was pretty boring, she talked about her favourite drink or something and the set died shortly after as two of their friends joined them and absorbed the attention of their group. It was fine, I had done what I wanted, I had opened. I spoke to my friend and they went inside a few minutes after.

Once they left my friend congratulated me and said that it was a good open as he wouldn’t have clocked it. We went back inside and over to the Xbox consoles to try and use that, but the free console didn’t work. We agreed that this venue was not working and moved on. We walked up to a nearby venue which we thought would be more open to sets. Sadly, it wasn’t so, we knew that there was a pool table though so hopefully could get some doubles going with some people. We arrived and found that it was similar to the first place in the fact that it was mainly students in big groups who were in enclaves or booths that would be extremely difficult to open. We then found the pool table was no longer there... we went outside to the smoking area.

Set 2 - 3 girls
All around 3-4s

We walked outside and scanned the area, there was one table of three girls who were sat in the left-hand corner of the smoking area, we walked out, turned around and looked at them and then turned our backs and spoke about opening. My friend wanted to open. We turned around and he walked over with me trailing behind.

Wing: hey girls is there pool table here?

At this point the mother hen of the group responds:

Mother Hen: there’s some upstairs, so you can go up there now, ok, bye thanks, go! flee!

This was jarring and there was a moment where my friend and I just stood there slightly in shock.

Wing: are there many people up there do you know?

Mother Hen: I’m sure there’s lots of girls for you to pick up, girls, boys, whatever you want, so go and chat them up!

We looked at her, again baffled, her two friends at this point both in union said to mother hen that she was being a bit mean and when they said this, she turned back quick us.

Mother Hen: you look like Julien Barret!

My friend was quick on his feet here, he pulled his phone out and quickly tapped something in.

Wing: well you look like her!
He showed her a picture of Katie Hopkins.
Mother Hen: yeah, I’m a big fascist
Wing: anyway, thanks girls, see you
Mother Hen: yes, I’m sure we’ll bump into you again...

We both walked inside both a bit stifled and unsure what that was about. It was embarrassing but she also was pretty rude. Her tone and manner were very dismissive and aggressive. We both found it funny though as in our heads they were merely there warm up and weren’t at all girls we wanted, we found ourselves in good humour still. My wing at this point was naming venues we should go to, I said I wanted to go to a particular place
as it plays a range of music, has three floors and has a large smoking area that lends itself well to opening. We didn’t finish the cokes we had bought, instead we
set off. It was about 10.30pm at this point as the venue in question had just opened. As we arrived a guy commented to us that he liked our coats, we both have decent smart trench coats. We had a bit of banter with them and they were friendly. As we queued, I spoke to the bouncers, one of them was stood across the road stood under a street lamp texting, it looked like a Edward Hopper painting. The other bouncers were clearly talking about the fact he was texting so I said “he’s in love is he? Either that or he’s in trouble!” One of the bouncers responded well and just commented about the fact his colleague should be working not texting. It felt good to have that interaction. We get inside and I go to put my coat in the cloakroom upstairs. We go to the toilet for a leak and while pissing I make a comment about a poster they have on the wall which is talking about the music they play on one of the floors, it listed Catfish and Bottlemen before Bowie and I noted how weird that was, some random guy behind me laughed at my comment and I smiled and we briefly spoke about that. I told him to have a good night and we left. We went to the second floor firstly where there was a fairly high amount of girls dancing. My friend is good with dancing game, he goes on and dances and come on and try to get out of my head and let loose. Without booze it’s hard...I self-amuse by screaming loudly Elliot Hulse style and while it’s fun I still don’t know what to do with myself. I get some water and I explain to my wing that I want to go outside as I’m not sure how to do anything on the dance floor. We spend a bit more time there and then go out to the smoking area. The venue has filled up a bit now and there is a fair few in the smoking area. This place has benches that are against the wall of the smoking area.
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Part 2

Set 3 - 3 girls – (5, 2,1)

I spot these girls and immediately go over. I was motivated by the fact we had hit a lull by this point after our previous set and venue change. I was scared that if action wasn’t taken it would be the end of the night for game.

Me: is this seat free?
Girl (5): yeah

She turns back to her friend who is sat next to her on the bench (2)
Me: *pretending not to hear her* “did you just say no?” I said it in a mock shocked tone
Girl (5): “Oh my god! No! haha! you can sit here”
*She turns back*
From here the memory of what I said next has escaped me. She turned away but I asked her a question and she responded. My friend sat on my other side and was at the end of this bench so was unable to get involved with the interaction. The girl (5) was 27 and we joked about being so old and near to 30 already (me being 26), I noticed that she was pretty drunk which put me off her quite a bit. She had a good energy however and her friend girl (2) started talking to us and we were now a part of their group. The friend was a big girl, tall and wide, she began to talk to us about all her tattoos and showing us all the tattoos. After a few minutes their friend appeared girl (1), it’s worth noting that girl’s (2) and (1) were very alternative, dressed all in black and covered in tattoos where as their friend wasn’t. We spoke more about tattoos and then girl (5) wanted to leave to go to the toilet, as they were leaving girl (2) asked us to come with them and we politely smiled and set “we may meet again”.

In retrospect this set was probably the turning point for the night. The positive response we got, the fact they kept the conversation going and wanted us to stay clearly had a good impact on us. My friend felt he wanted to pull his weight and said to me in a eager tone “I’ll open the next one!” On our way to the club we had been laughing about the Katie Hopkins photo he had showed that set from earlier. He had said he was going to use it in his open. We walked to the other end of the smoking area.

The next sets would be our most important.

Set 4 – 2 girls (Tory 4 and Blonde 6)

I looked behind me and realised my friend wasn’t with me, he had turned to two girls sat down and with his phone thrusted in their faces said:

Wing: Girls, what do you think of my girlfriend?

I don’t know what they said in turn as I walked over however the open landed well. This set had a very interesting dynamic. Of the two girls one was massively pollitcally driven, when he showed the photo to the two of them she lit up and began ranting about facists, right wing politics and how she was a leftist. She also managed to quickly put down her friend quickly by dismissing her as a fascist and as somebody too stupid to understand politics. By far the best reaction we had gotten from a open. The conversation mainly started on politics as I say, neither my friend and I were interested in this topic but did some teasing. It was clear that these girls were keen and into us. This is also the first set were the girls followed our lead somewhat, we were both stood and both of them stood up to be level to us, the four of us divided into pairs. Initially I was with the Tory 4, I call her that as after the set we called her Tory due to her constant spewing about far right pollitcs and how she hated them. While I spoke to her she dropped that she was a single mother of a 3 year old child and she was 24. This was a massive turn off for me. She wasn’t particularly beautiful but the fact she was so passionate about something was cool but the kid thing just made me loose all interest. Then something interesting happened.

Tory: Yeah so that’s why I’m proper far left and I hate right wing people
Me: So you hate your friend, you say she’s a fascist? Girls love to hate their best friends, love and hate is the same thing for you
*She smiles and giggles*
Me: See, look you love it!
Tory: Well, she’s only out tonight because her boyfriend can’t fuck her properly!
Me: What!?!

This caught me off guard a bit, purely because of the jump from politics to fucking. I was on board though, it gave me the perfect way to sexualise the conversation, which I imagine is what she was wanting to do.

Me: let me guess, he does the in and out and is done too quick!

At this point my friend and the blonde 6 had turned to us.

Blonde 6: What are you saying? What?!

I walked closer and whispered in her ear.

Me: Your friend said your boyfriend isn’t fucking you properly?

Her: Oh my god!?! I hate you!?! Why are you telling people that!?

At this point I was in no mood to go back to talking to Tory, my friend luckily began a political conversation with Tory. I continued talking to Blonde 6.

Me: So, what is it he does wrong?

This set was a real eye opener for me. From here until the end of the set I spoke to Blonde 6 about sex, vibrators, their relationship and other personal shit. It’s worth noting that no she was not plastered, definitely a bit tipsy though. When we had begun talking I wasn’t into her but when we started talking sexually she became very appealing just because she seemed so excited by it. She laughed a lot, smiled a lot, there was a lot of whispering and giggling, it was very sexy and I think it definitely made her seem better looking. I can’t remember the conversation word for word as we were talking to this set for about 30 minutes or so. The situation with Blonde 6 was that she was in a long term relationship, she was 24, him 25, he works in construction and it essentially was the classic beta buck story. He buys her what she wants, doesn’t fuck well, is really sweet ect…she said he puts deposits down on her rings and that he was picking her and her friend up tonight. I felt so sorry for the dude, she was here talking to me about all sorts. This set I was prepared for due to having swallowed the red pill, a dude not ready for the red pill may have freaked out at this point. During the conversation she basically confirmed that he was in her life because he bought her things, drove her around but she wouldn’t be marrying him. He was the provider…harsh truth but I knew it for what it was and accepted it.

Somewhere in the reaction she got the Bambi eyes. They’re truly magic to see. I found myself standing completely calm, still and present while she began to ask questions about my story. Where I live, what I do, how old I am…she seemed to really get a kick out of the fact I was 26 and worked in a bank, go figure! After a while they had to go, we were stood near the stairway that led out to the exit and as the two of them left I stood in my spot and said farewell. Blonde 6 and I were talking about masturbation or how women liked to get fucked and I was so bemused by the fact she was so into the conversation I was kind of stuck on the spot. It was a weird revelation. My friend went up and whispered something to Tory while looking at me, the two of them hovered and I looked at them curiously. While this happened Blonde 6 walked away and came back to me 2 times without me even moving, I was delighted, I was putting in no effort and now the entire smoking area was watching this girl chase me while I stood there laughing and smiling. At this point my friend comes over and turns me aside for a moment.

Wing: You could go home here….with….

I presumed he meant Blonde 6 and I said “Man, I can’t….I feel too bad for her boyfriend, imagine…”

Wing: No…with the other one, Tory, she’s proper keen…

Me: Nah…I’m alright…

Now my friend didn’t seem to happy with this, there was a few comments at the beginning of the night that I was being too picky, I think he was concerned we were doing all this only for me to not pull the trigger. When they left we went back inside and got a glass of water and talked about the set. At this point it was the highpoint of the night so we were both a bit elated. I thought about what would have happened if she hadn’t been picked up by her boyfriend, I don’t know if I could have gone through with it, I think she would have though….

When we got inside my friend wanted to dance. When it comes to dance game he’s ace. He’s really good at getting out of his head, me on the other hand, I struggle immensely with it, especially sober. We go and he jives and bounces and I try and think myself into dancing…not gonna happen brotha!...I tell him I’m going back outside. He follows. When we get to the stairway leading down into the smoking area I spot a 2 set and see them both looking at us. I immediately go over.

Set 5 – 2 girls (1 and 6)

Me: Hey girls, you having a good night?
Them: Hey, yeah!

This set would be a constant source of amusement for us, my friend took a massive hit for me. When I opened both were very receptive and I naturally spoke to girl 1, girl 6 was obviously my target, she was very beautiful and seemed shy, very exciting. I spoke to girl 1 firt because I figured that if we both focused on girl 6 that girl 1 would immediately ruin the set and cockblock. I had some tedious conversation with girl 1, she was very chatty and she mainly kept the conversation going. I managed to tolerate it for a while in good humour, I was polite and engaged but after a while I was getting worried I was stuck with her. My friend had sat next to girl 6 and they were chatting away, she was giggling and he was gesturing towards me and saying “my friend…blah balh”…I had no idea whether he was bigging me up or putting me down, I didn’t care, I was more concerned how to switch girls.

Me: So, are you girls best friends?
Both of them look at each other smiling.

Perfect. This turns into a conversation were the two of them are trying to be honest while not offending each other. “You’re my best work friend! But not my best friend” ect I spiked it and kept the emotions going by saying “rank her! Is she 1st? 2nd? 3rd?” this worked well as both of them got flustered over this. My friend stood up and manoeuvred over to the side of girl 1 and I took his place, I was grateful, I think he understood my concerns. The conversation we had with this set lasted for about 20 minutes. I spoke to girl 6 about her job and various stuff and at one point turned it sexual when discussing her job.

Her: What do you do?
Me: I work in a bank.
Her: do you wear suits?
Me: of course
Her: that’s sexy!
Me: what do you do?
Her: I work in a bakery
Me: what do you wear?
Her: Oh it’s some awful whites
Me: no, you didn’t say that, tell me a lie, you wear a short skirt and high heels with tights…

She giggled and the conversation got raunchy. The problem I found with this girl is I was putting a lot of the work in. I called her out on it as after other sets I was in abundance, I didn’t care if she bailed.

Me: you’re chatty aren’t you
Her: sorry! I’m shy! I’m sorry! You got the short straw!

This girl did come across as very shy and self-conscious despite her looks.

We talked about our age and she was impressed by 26 like the others…I challenged her to come up with the best conversation piece she could.

Her: “What are you scared of?”
Me: “death I suppose, you?”
Her: “dogs!”
Me: well don’t worry I don’t bite, unless you like that

At this point I got a glint of Bambi, not as heavy as earlier but still. We talked about sexual likes, she said she liked having her pulled or something, something kinky, which I can’t recall, it was enough for us to talk about what I liked. I told her I liked having my neck nibbled. At this point she said “oh, good to know” and I said “just don’t do it hard”…

It was brilliant, so exciting, the night wasn’t hard once I realised you can just talk filth after comfort is built. We kind of insinuated we’d kiss later and I intended to use her as a potential kiss close later as a back up after more sets.

During this set I stood up briefly and another group of people sat on the bench next to girl 6. There was a gap in between and I opened and said I’m going to sit down here ok? I did so and the girl on this bench (4) reacted with great humour, I managed to open the set successfully and now I was sat on a bench with girl 6 on my right and girl 4 on my left while I spoke to the both of them. The girl who had just been opened said something about her friend and how she only needed one word to describe her.

I point at girl 6 – what word do you use for her?
I point at girl 4 – what word do you use for her?

They answer, I can’t remember what they said, something typical like “sweet”/”honest”…ect

Lingering nearby is a girl (7) who looks like Ingrid out of Game of Thrones, only hotter.

You! – what word do you use for your best friend?
She answers and I go back to my original set.

At one point there was a lull in conversation, I tried to think of a good emotional high story for her and then I realised I had gold in my pocket. I told her about the set from earlier with the girl who had the boyfriend who couldn’t fuck. She ate it up and it got the conversation flowing again well. I realised this was a great piece for the rest of the night.

She wanted to get a drink and the they both left. I wasn’t too concerned as at his point when the set ended. When we spoke to them I found out that girl 1 was staying at hers girl 6 and she lived with her parents, they lived in a neighbouring town, a lay wasn’t going to happen, too much obstacles and not worth it after the way things were going. They left.

My friend was very impressed with my open, as was I, it was truly natural without fear and I was very much in state. We got a glass of water and discussed the set and went back to the dancefloor at his request, I immediately went back outside and he followed, after the success we had I didn’t want to let this end.

We get outside and my friend wants to open again, we were good at keeping the competitive side up, he always wanted to open when I had just opened well. We had a bit of a linger for about 30 minutes or so at this point. It was a good linger in hindsight. We had been on a good roll, we wanted more but the smoking area was now much busier, there were a lot of groups all over the place and there were a lot of really drunk people. My friend pointed at a group of lads who were sat down.

“How old are you!?” he said it in a mocking tone, I was quite nervous, they were big dudes and there was a lot of them. To my surprise they were actually very meek and almost intimidated by my friends brashness. They were all 18. We have a bit of banter about nothing really and then I talk with my friend a bit more. Two girls walk past us,

Set 6 – 2 girls (both 6)

My friend: Hey can I just ask you something…
Girl 1: Sorry, we really need to talk about something serious here.

They both carry on walking without stopping. I said to my friend not to worry and we’ll find another set.

I need to clarify some points here. At this point in the night it was about 2am, the place we were at shut at 2.30am. We had not drank a drop of alcohol all night, we’d been drinking cokes and waters. The club however had progressively gotten busier and drunker. From here onwards our night would be constantly be full of having to deal with drunk obstacles.

After getting blown out by the set my friend and I stood there talking when a tall lad aggressively threw himself down on a bench, he looked livid and had a bright red face. My friend said “you alright mate?...” “no I’m fucking not!” he responded. I was feeling wary, the dude looked like he was spoiling for a fight.

“I like your beard!....nice beard, I like your jumper too!”

I turned to find a bloke about an inch shorter than me in my face. I was immediately a bit defensive and short with him as this seemed a bit odd, I was worried he wanted to fight.

He pointed at the bloke who had just sat down in a angry mood.

“these are my friends but I don’t like them….do you like star wars?”

When he said Star Wars I was relaxed, he was just odd, not a threat. I told him I do and he began to drunkenly give me some analogy about how he was the New Jedi and they were the Old Jedi. It made no sense and was hard to follow. My friend had been talking to the mad guy in the background and when he joined I said this guy is talking about Star Wars. The guy begins to tell my friend his analogy and as he does a guy walks past with a Aphex Twin shirt. My friend points at him and he comes over and we now have two people talking to us about APhex Twin and Star Wars, which is awesome. Both dudes were drunk though and the conversation wasn’t going anywhere. Aphex Twin Dude bounces after a brief chat, he had kept sticking his tongue out randomly and I said “why do you keep doing that?” and he said “I’m nervous”…I think he could’ve been on something in hindsight. The Star Wars dude is warbling on and I suddenly clock he looks like Martin Freeman. I began to tease him and he laughs along and says yeah he has had it before. My friend asks for when season 3 of The Office is out and I ask about the shire ect…at this point I say to my friend that we’re wasting time now as the nights dying and we’re stuck talking to drunk dudes. He agrees. He manages to get Martin Freeman to bounce, he does so.

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Part 3 -

Set 7 – Blonde 6 and Ingrid 7

My friend has opened a set which has me slightly nervous. It’s two girls who are very attractive compared to our previous sets. One is blonde 6 and one is Ingrid, the girl who I had randomly engaged with earlier while surrounded by 2 sets. My friend was chatting to the blonde and I lingered. I sparked a conversation with Ingrid and we talked about Sean Bean, she talked about how she fancied him and I set he would be my gay crush, I asked her who her female crush is, she told me some actress who I had to google. While this was happening a massive black dude came over and greeted her. He was very skinny and probably about 6.4. I’m 5.6 and the girl was about 5.5. He was friendly and seemed sober. He wasn’t threatening and I realised that I was actually the more confident of the two of us. We spoke as a three but the conversation gradually was more and more me and Ingrid with him spectating. After a while some randomer came out and asked him to come back in the club, he left and I continued talking to Ingrid. The conversation at this point was inane and typical, we just spoke about whatever, I can’t remember what. Martin Freeman made a reappearance and basically repeated all the jokes we had said about him looking like Martin Freeman back to us. He was alone this time as his friends had been kicked out for fighting, of course. He told Ingrid she looked like Ingrid from Game of Thrones, something she looked completely bored at, I knew she properly got it a lot and so I hadn’t mentioned it. I didn’t mention anything about her looks at this point because I figured she knew she was hot. At one point I looked behind her and noticed that we were the only ones left in the smoking area. Shit I thought…this set is good and these girls are hot, and its time to leave. This would be tricky…

We go to the exit and the girls go to the toilet. My friend says the girls are up for going to the next club. It’s 2.30 am and there’s only 2 places that stay open later, one was nearby and we were going to go there. He said that these girls were sober too which I was gobsmacked at, I was bracing myself for the next set, I thought they would bail in the time it took us to go from the club to the next club. There was an exodus leaving the club and my friend said we should wait outside the club so as to not appear too keen by waiting outside the toilets, good call. We left and were waiting by the front door, loads of people were outside still so it was not odd we were lingering. At this point I fully expected the girls to bounce because it was 2.30am and we’d only spoke to them for about 30 minutes or so. They came out and looked glad we were still there.

Martin Freeman popped up and made his final appearance. At his point my friend and I were a bit bored of his antics as he was clearly trying to join the party, we told him it was cool to meet him but we’re going with the girls now. We left as a 4 and moved on. As we approached the next club I mentioned how I might not get in and joked about going home alone if I didn’t. I hadn’t gotten in before due to having no ID (I’m 26 and have a beard, it happens very very rarely) as we get there I remember we have to pay in. I tell my friend I’m going to get money out and go to a nearby ATM. I get money out and as I’m walking away I see Ingrid coming towards me…”oh, she’s going home…” I think…

Me: “Hey, you arlight?”
Ingrid: “I’m just getting money out”
Me: “I can pay you in if you want? I don’t really mind”
Ingrid: “No it’s ok”
She begins to get money out.
Me: Well hurry up, it’s cold out here
Her: Oh I’m sorry *she rubs my arm*

At this point I realise she may be into me.

Her: ”you seem like a decent guy”
Me: “yeah, I suppose”

We walk together and we all get in. She had said while we walked up that the bouncer had spotted my mate (he lives in this city) and recognised him and thankfully allowed us all in.

When we get in the place is fairly empty but there is some booths. I go over to one of them thinking my friend and blonde are with us. Instead I sit down and it’s just me and Ingrid. Holy shit I think, I’m in.

She’s sat close and we begin talking. At some point she discloses to me that she’s a virgin. I can’t remember how this came up or why. I was absolutely shocked, she was beautiful and smart. After some talking I realised she either was raised by really conservative parents/is really conservative/maybe is religious or something else. When she omitted this we began talking about sexy stuff. I asked her what she had done and at this point I really looked into her eyes and saw that her pupils were massive. I felt like a king and felt really attracted to her. She kept laughing and giggling and then looking back at me and deep into my eyes. In earlier years I had been in situations like this and not closed and had then regretted it massively. I wasn’t going to this time. I made some bullshit, awful line about “would your friend be jealous if you kissed me? This didn’t roll well as she thought I meant Blonde 6 and she initially seemed a bit unsure of me, I meant a friend she said she had done some sexual stuff with however. We go in and kiss and…


I was kind of caught of guard. She was a terrible kisser. When I say terrible I mean she couldn’t/didn’t know how to kiss? She didn’t move her lips or pucker them even. She had coated her lips in lip gloss after their toilet visit, which had been another sign she wanted to kiss. This played on my mind a bit as I wasn’t sure whether her bad kiss was “I don’t want to kiss” or “I don’t know how to kiss”. We had talked about her sexual exploits and they were mild. She also got very giggely about the slightest mention of anything erotic/sexy and generally seemed a bit unsure of sex. For example we talked about rabbits and I said do you have one or are you waiting for the real thing. She thought I meant a real live rabbit, like a fucking bunny rabbit, I found it a bit odd. We kissed about 3 times but each time was just odd and weird, she kept apologising as I clearly must have looked a bit unimpressed, I couldn’t help it, it was a hard thing to deal with. We were with these girls for the rest of the night and I was talking to Ingrid for about 2 hours with the kisses somewhere scattered at the end.

It got to a point where I began to realise that this was going to be a big challenge, if kissing was this weird how the hell were we going to go home and fuck. I was tired at this point, it was 5am in the morning and we’d been out since 6pm or so doing whatever. I was due to go back home to Dublin on the Monday and going home to sleep began to become more appealing than staying up and persuing this.

My friend and Blonde 6 had been having a dull conversation because he has a girlfriend and was just winging. They said do you guys want to play pool and we did. At this point the sexual escalation that had been rising died dead, we left the booth, she was engrossed in the pool and we didn’t kiss again. I felt tired, frustrated and a bit confused. Being so tired definitely was fucking it up a bit. There was one point where a guy was wrestling a girl across the room, she was laughing. Ingrid saw this and said “just because she is smiling doesn’t mean she likes it!”, this threw me a bit as didn’t know if it was a hint to me or not. She seemed pretty keen throughout the night, at one point she went to the bar and told me where she was going and when she would be back, I didn’t really respond/care. At one point my friend wanted some air and so we went outside for about 15 minutes, it was light out and when we went back the girls had gone. Then I spotted them sat down on their own in a corner. We went over and both looked really happy, they had thought we had bailed on them. While we played pool a lot of drunks began interfering with the table or trying to talk to Ingrid, I was pretty unreactive and let them burn themselves out as I knew there was no real threat. At 6am, we all left the club and got a taxi home, both girls got out at their houses and me and my friend got out at his. I was shattered. Overall the night was a good one.

The aftermath.

I found myself talking about Ingrid a lot the next day and finding myself a bit annoyed that I had gotten so attached over something small. It had been a while since a girl had seemed to like me so much an I think the validation got to me a bit, I also successfully closed with a kiss for the first time ever and I was a bit pissed it was such a lame kiss. My friend said that I could have fucked her and then complained that we didn’t do doggy, which is a great point.

Learning points:
- Never drink alcohol when gaming. I cannot really describe how much we killed it because we were with it. We drank water and coke all night, I don’t recommend coke though as this did a number on our guts. The drinking I thought people would have an issue with, I also thought it would be really hard, it turns out it makes no difference except your super alert, you’re stable and you’re quicker. I could write for hours about not drinking but hit me up if you want more insight into that.
- Open open open – it was only when I wrote this all out that I realised that we opened 7 sets over the night, which surprised me, the ones at the beginning faded into memory the next day with the main talking points being the funniest sets and the final one.
- People are scared and insecure – when I opened or interacted with people, a lot of the time I was expecting rejection or rudeness, a vast majority are nervous when you speak to them!

Things to note:
- My friend was a very good wingman, he knows about game, without him I wouldn’t have been able to close or open as many sets, he opened the final set for example. Gaming without him is harder for sure.
- I regret now not saying to Ingrid “let’s get out of here” or even asking for her number, the fact I’m in Dublin and didn’t know when I’d be back in put me off for asking.
- Ingrid is 19 and in her first year of university, I was conscious that if it didn’t happen that night I should just live and learn.


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Rodolphe (14-01-2020)
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Default 09-05-2019, 07:15 PM

Please stop.

Drunk driving on a Wednesday
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Default 11-05-2019, 06:08 AM

I'd rather read the fucking bible than the above

You can't win if you don't play
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Default 15-01-2020, 12:05 AM

KingAbyss - I read your extract, it was well described and insightful. I appreciate the tips. Student areas are definite goldmines as if they live on campus then they'll have their own bedroom. The Katie Hopkins part with the rude old hag you encountered 😂 showing her she looked like Hopkins was hilarious!
The summary where you point out that the majority of people you interacted with were nervous shows that we tend to build up social interacting as something horrible but it is far from the case with most people.
What worries me is the reliance on smoking areas, as in clubs especially this is the only quiet place to interact, and I can't stand smoking. But these places should have open fresh air areas (smoke free) so people can meet but aye. Great post regardless!
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Default 16-01-2020, 01:47 PM

Great stuff! You seem to be coming out of your shell which is great.

A few observations:
- i believe what you call a 2 is actually a 5 or a 6 for most people, and what you call a 7 is actually a 9 or a 10. Point of refference: 1 would be a fat old woman with a severe retardation that shows on the expression or severely malformated face and supermodels are 8, 9 and 10s

- you could have been the one to teach her how to kiss

- there is a misconception about dancing that i noticed (i’m involved with dance/movement studies and performance): you actually don’t have to let go of the mind completely when dancing, you just have to be honest and dance an “in my own head” dance if you feel that way; another is that you don’t have to dance to the music that is played over the speakers, just let your body move the way it wants without fear of being out of rhythm, awkward or weird or anything. If you do this with confidence you’ll notice the people who notice you will have the courage to move more natural, without the preoccupation of looking good or cool. There will be a lot of laughing, large smiles and touching. The dancefloor is a great place to show your sense of humor.

If you want, try something called “contact improvisation”. It’s a style of contemporary dance that will help you have a great time on any dance floor, and will make your wing very happy plus, having some dance/movement skills is great in life and helps in the bedroom
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Default 16-01-2020, 07:54 PM

This was the most boring post I've ever read. I didn't even reach the midpoint

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Rodolphe (17-01-2020)

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