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Default Edinburgh Meetup group bad closing - 27-04-2019, 08:34 AM

Hi there,

Yesterday I went to a meetup group.

Three girls and three guys. Only one girl was fine. Actually was so weird coz apart from another guy (alpha) northern Ireland the rest look like people with special needs, nothing against them but it was weird, one girl was singing loud, another guy kindda hyperactive bouncing all the time, etc.

Well, I introduce myself, and then, I start ask questions to some of them but the girl.

I start to notice she was paying atention on me.

Then we have to move.

Everybody was getting out of the place and I was delaying mine, getting my jacket and stuff in order to be alone with her.

It worked out, everybody was walking and we were alone at the back following them.

I heard she was Scientist, so started from there giving a fun questionary about, soon I related that with my passion as screenwriter and how I analize people to create characters, she started to be interested, so I was taking notes of her.

I keep going back and forth keeping the fun till we get to the bar, so I let her space.

Then I sat around the table and I was social to the people around.

She was looking at me sometimes and I was glancing some times with a smarking subtle one.

For one moment she has to say that I am same as someone she knows, i think in order to justify all the looking.

At some point everybody went to the bar to order and I stay with her, so she start to talk to me and I went closer to her.

I initiate a so soft accidental Kino by the time we were talking.

I asked if normally she drinks white wine, and she said that no really, more into beer so I confirmed that she did it coz she got a rubbish working day to feel that she treats herself.

She said that was true and also her posh boss told her in the noon that he needed a shower and she found this weirdo.

I told her that means sex, and I told her that I prefer not to involve job and sex as I always try to avoid it, but once I end it up so funny with one of my collegues.

She was laughing so much of the way I was explaining, also I introduced a hardcore sexual experience point of view as the same time.

She start to be interested, and asked me about my wierdest time, so I keep going the same way but I turned into a game and I asked her.

I was laughing also wiht her story and I added my orgy experience in Ibiza, then she was so turned on I guess, that confessed me that she wants to do one before she got kids or find the right one.

I told her, sure go to Ibiza, but I should try something like lets find people, any friend of yours? But then I realized most of the people were paying attention on the background as we were scandalous.

Some of them piss, in fact, one special needs guy (bouncing one) was hitting the table with his glass looking at us, I guess very upset coz I didnt include him on the conversation.

So I feelt a bit uncomfortable and it timed me to go home, I got ambicious asking her for Instagram, she hasenīt so, I didnt change the strategy and we jump to whasupp but insted of asking hers, I gave her mine, big mistake.

But at least I am a bit happy coz, its been hard to me going alone to try things since last years.
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