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Default Second night out - 13-11-2008, 02:43 AM

I went out tonight without my wingman.

I couldn't get into the club I wanted because there was some kind of restricted event and it was 'full' anyway.

I went to another and it was almost empty because of the event in the first club.

I entered smiling, feeling kind of odd because I was alone and I approached a group of three guys and asked them if this was it in the club.

They said I should try upstairs . I tried finding upstairs but I couldn't .

I approached a sited two-set and asked if they knew where the staircase was.
They said they didn't . I kept smiling and said I was going to figure it out.

I went back to the three guys and they directed me.

I didn't like the music and the general vibe up there so I came back down.

I sat next to the two-set (that contained a blonde I was interested in) and said I was going to run off in a second. I let them know I was new in town ( which is true) and asked if they could show me somewhere cool.

They mentioned a few places and they said something about how the pub we were in was not really fun.
I responded "but you are here!"

They were like "Yeah, we just wanted to hung out". All this time I am sited next to the target, giving her only microseconds of acknowledgment ( she seemed very shy so I couldn't ignore her completely).

I started to get up and asked the obstacle if they were best friends. They said they lived together and I leaned back watching them carefully, they laughed slightly and said "no, not like that!"

They said they were six flatmates and they were students. I forgot what exactly they were studying but they were some kind of opticians.

I was like "oh tell me something about my eyes then!" . They gave a little laugh; "Your eyes!".

I then say to them "Why are you sitting here, let's go to the dance floor". I proceed to pull the obstacle. She was moving but because she is not exactly small I thought she really wasn't so I jokingly pulled her with both hands (maybe too much interest but she came with me anyway.

We danced and she asked if I was at a dance class recently. I said yes and I remembered a piece of clothing she wore and asked if that was her. She said "Yes".

I said "Oh, yeah my friend was talking about you!"

She described my friend and I said she was naughty for looking at him.

The reason why I said that to her was because I knew I was going for her friend , I wanted her to know she could still get hooked up with someone else that's cool.

So I tell her I'm gonna leave my jacket with her friend. This was for three reasons:

1) To demonstrate higher value by showing that I was making myself comfortable in the club I was in for the first time

2) To lock myself in the set

3) To test for compliance (obstacle: waiting for me to come back to the dance floor, target: to see if she would take care of my jacket)#

So I give it to her saying "Do you mind taking care of this for a minute. But don't steal anything!" I tease her with a very wide smile to make sure she knows I'm joking.

After some time they decided to go to the bathroom but the cool thing was they put my jacket together with their friends' hand bags.

I met some friends, talked to the female DJ. I gamed her a bit too and she seemed quite interested but I guess she was trying to concentrate on playing the music. She smiled and leaned in a lot to hear what I was saying.

I got her name (the DJ) when I was leaving, it's a small town , I'm sure we will meet again.

So back to my set. I number closed the target.

NOTES: I wish I could have gotten them more excited and interested in me(they seemed slightly lukewarm). I think I should also have attempted to isolate the target to build some more comfort since she gave me quite a few IOIs.

Also I should have talked to the target a bit more after getting her number.

I could also have made sure she didn't give me a fake number, I think she might have after all! I will find out tomorrow!

What , we're learning here right?
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Default 13-11-2008, 09:16 PM

Solo sarging, that sorts the men from the boys!

Excellent FR dude, keep up the good work!
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Default 24-11-2008, 12:01 AM

yea if you're up for meeting her again then its it's a good idea to keep it up after the numbr cllose or she may get buyers remorse.
Befriending the DJ is a brilliant technique. In fact Mystery states it as a necessity in pulling lapdancers. (I see you have read the game).

All in all, sounds like a very productive night! thanks for sharing.
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