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dan300 23-03-2015 12:44 AM

Dans developing diary
Thought I'd start a thread of this kind because I have a lot of things in the pipeline & periodically, more positive changes will be happening in my life. I've got more going for me & more possibilities set up than I've ever had.

The first major exciting thing is next Sunday I'm starting working for the Irish Football Association at the Northern Ireland vs Finland Euro 2016 qualifier. I'll be on duty from 12:30 firstly stewarding the fanzone - a new family entertainment event with various fun sporting activities etc for fans & visiting fans, until before the game starts at about 5 or so when I'll help guide the fans to the stadium not far away. At that point I'm off duty & given a ticket to the game so I can go in & enjoy the match.

Aside from the big international games there's tons of other roles up for negotiation within the association, such as irish premier league, youth club events, even administration & office associated work . I've expressed my interest in doing regular, at least weekly work with them, & I'm looking forward to finding out what's available & what roles fit with me.

It's a voluntary job but I'm more excited about this than I would be some paid jobs. And we were told that this opening could lead to any one of a number of opportunities with the IFA down the line. I'm intrigued by that.

dan300 29-03-2015 09:19 PM

Was great fun today.

At the fan-zone we wore bibs with the Northern Ireland team logo on & had volunteer cards hanging around our necks so that people knew we were on duty.

It's a nice feeling when fans & kids are coming up to you asking for help or directions or assistance, or could you get them a football, or whatever the request may be, because they know that's what you're there for & therefore they are trusting in you. In return we go over & above to ensure they get what they need, so that they are happy & satisfied with our service.

Aside from that stuff we can basically use our initiative. At the start I lifted a big bunch of mini flags & walked around handing them out to fans for example.

After it our team (we were purple) were assigned to help clear up the fan-zone, other teams were to guide the routes into the stadium. After we were done we were given our tickets to the game & signed off duty & went in to enjoy the game. We won 2-1.

The coolest thing that happened today though, was when I won a years gym membership after I rowed the furthest distance inside 2 minutes, in a rowing competition :banana:

dan300 21-04-2015 10:08 AM

Just passed the driving theory test 🏆

amit1207 21-04-2015 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by dan300 (Post 95430)
Just passed the driving theory test 🏆

Well done mate. This is a good thread.

dan300 22-04-2015 01:01 AM

I thought I posted an update on jobs the other day but I obviously forgot to hit submit after I previewed it.

Anyways, it was about 4 jobs I had applied for. One was a night hotel porter, a night shift deli-assistant, a sales executive & a voluntary email counsellor for ChildLine.

Since then I have had a reply from ChildLine telling me they were delighted with my application (I'd hope so, I spent 3 hours on it!) & that I was being invited for an interview. I get to choose the date & time - I'm told that I just have to log in & check out the available slots, pick one.

An email counsellor is self-explanatory really. However it's not as simple as it sounds; I won't just be lay back on my sofa replying to messages, I will have to do it from the ChildLine offices. All in the interests of protocol, ethics, safety etc etc. If successful I will have to commit to 4 & a half hours per week, for at least 40 weeks of the year. I chose email counsellor because the criteria suggests they appreciate a soft speaking voice for the phones; not that I'm ruling that out, I'll see what they think of it themselves when they meet & hear me.

I will be working in a full time job in the not so distant future. To be fair I would prefer to start early June once my current module is completed, that way I can begin the new job stress free as I won't have another module until October (aside from one week in Bath for a psychology residential project in July)... But the fact I will have a full time job soon means I will probably have to make some big decisions in regards to my future..

I have opened a few doors lately, namely with the IFA & now ChildLine (but there are others on ice too) & I think I'm going to have to choose which one I can commit to, because having a full time job along with a part time degree & voluntary job is quite a lot - I simply can't do everything. I have an offer of regular weekly IFA work, or if successful with ChildLine I will have regular weekly work with them. As much as the IFA is exciting, I believe child protection is closer to my heart. After all it IS the reason I took this path after I gave up drugs. Again, this is unpaid but equally as exciting to me as some paid work if not more so.

I'm going to return the application to the IFA as well anyways, keeping the option open as plan B if the ChildLine thing didn't work out.

dan300 02-05-2015 02:33 AM

Had an interview with ChildLine last night. It was a group interview format with about 15 people there. I contributed loads & with some quality opinions & contributions if I do say so myself.

I believe I'll get an email soon to say I was successful.

It was a beautiful blonde woman I'm soon to be involved with that put me in touch with this organization. So, much credit goes to her for this.

dan300 05-05-2015 03:06 PM

As expected, I got the job. I've officially been offered the role of helpline counsellor with ChildLine.

The full safeguarding checks still have to be done & references received from my referees, but once they're all done in a few weeks I'll begin the training.

Gives me time to finish the current module of my degree anyways. Everything just seems like it's going to fit together nicely.

PostScript 07-05-2015 12:40 PM

awesome, congrats Dan!

dan300 07-05-2015 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by PostScript (Post 95558)
awesome, congrats Dan!

Cheers dude...

One thing about it though, I got an email yesterday inviting me for a second interview. They said it's because I declared convictions on the safeguarding form & I imagine they want to question me about these & see what type of person I am now. Which, I am a totally different person. I think if it ruled me out they wouldn't have invited me back.

The convictions are - some car offences when I was 18 in 2003 (car theft, no license, no insurance), a disorderly behaviour charge at around the same age, a common assault in 2007, & a caution for possession of a class B drug in 2010.

So, not exactly the extensive record reminiscent of a career criminal. Just some mistakes I made that I didn't make again (or at least didn't get caught again, but that's between us haha). However, I've genuinely changed my life around & there is evidence of this as well as references. So hopefully this past shit doesn't screw me.

dan300 07-05-2015 06:30 PM

Minor setback, or more of a downer, on the gym situation..

To cut a long story short, the guy phoned me & said he could only give me a months free membership. He tried telling me that I must have been mistaken - however I am not retarded, & I know what I signed for & was told. I obviously argued this point but eventually conceded as I just thought it wasn't worth lowering myself.

But anyways, I hit the gym for the first time today & plan to go as many mornings as I can for the next month.

I'm going to do the thing Phil said to me a couple of years ago - fast pace walk on a steep incline followed by lots of sprints.

So, I did 15 minutes on the steepest incline at 4.5mph. Then after a 5 minute breather I did 10 sprints at 10mph. I just set the treadmill at 10mph then jump on for one minute jump off for a minute.

This is obviously aimed at losing 2 stone fast. I'm 13st, & my goal is 11st. Let's see how fast I can get there. I absolutely have zero doubt I'll reach the goal inside the month, possibly long beforehand.

I'm not clued up on weightlifting. I don't want to be Rocky or Arnie but I'd like to tone up. Any simple plans for weights? Start small? Do a thousand reps? I dunno.

I'll see how I feel after the month about sticking with the gym. I think it's gunna be a killer to go from winning a years membership, to paying for it. So I may just go to PureGym after.

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