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Default 04-01-2021, 11:32 PM

Originally Posted by Jeepster View Post
I work on the Railway and when I applied for the job I was interviewed by the head of Train crew, In the interview he asked what do you want from the Railway? I said I want your job. He laughed and said "You can fucking have it"
This made my evening

Professional bum. I post here as I have too much time on my hands :P
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Default 11-01-2021, 09:00 PM

Joined the 5am club again this morning. Got a good bit of experience with it on the back end of the summer. For some reason I find it easier to get up at 5am than any other time.

Didn't make any kind of list of new years resolutions, just had a few ideas in my head of changes I was going to make.

There's only really a few main ones; joining the 5am club, meditation right after I wake up, followed by a working out again after my elbow injury put me out of use for a year, then have other productive shit scheduled between the workout, and work.

As for scheduling, that's another one "make a damn schedule" - Dr Peterson. I discovered the benefits of this last year, periodically writing my weeks tasks and shit down and ticking them off. Having a schedule even if you didn't hit it with 100% accuracy is simply better than not having one.

Deleted Facebook off my phone on the 3rd of January. Blows my mind as well as saddens me a little that right now I know hundreds of people who have probably spent 150 hours wastefully scrolling that shit this year already. Instagram I logged out of about 5 months ago and I couldn't get back in due to a password error and I was fucking relieved. I was like bye bye cunt.

The biggest point I wish to put down on this virtual paper is that in my experience it's best not to start making any of your hoped-for changes until about 7, 10, 14 days into the new year. I figured that's why 80% of people who make new years resolutions fail, because they "fucked up" by the time two or three weeks have passed when they should only really be making a proper go of things around that time. The best thing to do is definitely to allow the first week or two to pass by and don't worry about it. During this time I was making a few mental notes and plan as to what I was going to do. I didn't need to write anything down because I'd successfully sustained these habits before. If it's new to you by all means write things down.

Glad I held off on starting the History degree, at least for now. It would have been a huge commitment to make at a time when I'm just not in a position to make such a commitment. And anyways, I'd rather first of all see what comes of this prospective online university Jordan Peterson has been talking about for the last couple of years.

Gotta get my #gainz back


You can't win if you don't play
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