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Hi guys this is my first post so here goes. As in my intro I’m newly single and was in a pretty long relationship so pretty much starting again from scratch. Had a couple of reasonable successes in the last few weeks. Couple of kiss-closes and ended up going home with a chick from Singapore last week although I didn’t get much satisfaction (not in that sense!!) because she made it so easy and i didn’t have to try.

Anyway went out in Bournemouth with a mate on Saturday (normally go as a bigger group but everyone’s skint apparently!) and we decided to go to a bar thats notorious for being full of women that will only show interest if ur loaded and drive a smooth car – I am neither loaded nor drive a nice car. Anyway I somehow managed to lose my mate after 10 minutes and suddenly realised I was on my own. So I went to the bar and got chatting to a HB7 while I looked around for a set to try and open as I wanted to challenge myself and open a group. I spotted a mixed 5 set made up of four women (including one hot brunette) and one massively ripped guy – very much the AMOG. I strolled over and started with an opinion opener “I need a girls opinion on something...would you be impressed if a guy you knew started taking salsa lessons?” Its one I made up cos Im thinking of doing some salsa myself. The first time I tried this line I just asked if they’d be impressed by a guy that does salsa which didn’t work so well as it sounded like I did and was trying to impress them! Anyway the line did its job and conversation started. I ignored the brunette and she was the only one not chatting so I took the opportunity for a neg and said to the others “does this one actually speak?” They all laughed. I could see at this point that the guy was looking very unimpressed so I pulled away and started chatting with him, actually had quite a laugh and started up some banter about most of the chicks being stuck up in there. After 5 mins I decided I should actually speak to the target so I started chatting with her and we moved to a nearby seat – as always advised in MM. I ended up chatting with her for about half an hour, little bit of kino escalation but could feel the tequilas kicking in from before we went out! Then one of my mates girlfriends came running across the bar and gave me a massive hug and dragged me away – my mate wasn’t there and she was just with other girls so that made me look good, pre-selection and all that. At this point I remember thinking things couldn’t go any better and I’d leave it 5 mins before going back so I didn’t look overly keen. Unfortunately my memory starts to go a little blurred from here and I know I didn’t go back – why? I have no idea! I know for sure though that Im not drinking so much next time I go out.

Although nothing came of it I definitely feel like my game is progressing and there was actually a method to my trying to pickup women as opposed to some random drunken words leaving my mouth! Cant wait for my next night out sarging.
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