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dan300 17-05-2021 12:58 PM

Her coming back into my life - she was lonely and bored.

She preys on the fact that I want her. She knows that I'll put up with this kind of behavior. She knows that I'll continue to answer the call because sex with her is addictive. To me, obviously. Not to her.

Of course, I can’t see her casually anymore - I have feelings for the woman. That’s just going to be painful for me.

I don't think I can continue this kind of relationship.

dan300 27-06-2021 09:28 PM

Was on a date today with a lovely single mom of almost exactly the same age as me. Was really nervous when I was waiting for her at the front gates of Belfast city hall. I was waiting on a blonde, then she texts me saying she now had red hair. She's a primary school teacher. She's read a lot of classic literature (Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, amongst others) so I think we could bond over this mutual pastime. Not many girls read such material.

She's a very nice girl. Thin, great figure, cute, attractive. She's rather softly spoken, and this suits her and adds to her sexual allure. I get the sense she's the kind of girl who, despite appearing somewhat reserved and shy, will become a vixen when you get her turned on.

Her glitter makeup was irritating her eye and because she was rubbing it, her face on the left side was noticeably red beside her eye. On the way from one bar to another, I decided to test the water and said "gunna do something cute and cheesy here and kiss it better" and kissed the irritated red area on her face. This made her react with the little smug smiley thing girls do when they've experienced something enjoyable, like a kiss on the cheek.

Further down the street then, a few minutes later, I interrupted whatever she was telling me by saying "c'mere" and taking her hand, pulling her to face me, and initiating a kiss. Not a long kiss or anything, just a few little quick ones. Then proceeded to make our way to the next bar, now holding hands as we proceed.

Spent another hour having a drink and then I told her I'd walk her to her car. On the way, I stopped, sat against a low wall, and pulled her towards me for a kiss. There was absolutely no hesitation in fact I never pulled her in all the way, I allowed her to close the final little bit of distance, which she eagerly did. We spent a couple of minutes kissing and hugging close. During this embrace, she felt my excitement increasingly growing against her and gave a little giggle as we finished kissing.

The reason I'm writing about this particular date in detail, whenever all the girls I've written about in pretty much the last year or two, were girls who were simply down to fuck. Whereas this, well this was an actual proper date. I can't even remember the last time I had a proper DATE date. This was nice, and it's a very welcome change to meet a girl who doesn't jump into bed with me right away.

Looking forward to seeing her again.

dan300 02-07-2021 07:09 PM

I started talking to this 34-year-old chick last week. She was initially impressed with my approach on Tinder, based on most lads being utter boring twats and not even knowing how to stand out from the others. She found it refreshing.

It wasn't long before she started to do what PUAs would call shit testing, telling me she couldn't be bothered with technology and texting, so I called her. Then there were a few times she was like "I don't think we're on the same page, hope you find what you want". We had been back and forth texting and calling over the last week, with me never rising to her "shit tests" too much. I believe this, and my general personality and banter, as well as her finding me funny, is what created enough attraction for her to call me last night just as I was about to go to bed, asking me to come to her house and fuck her.

It's 20 miles away, so I text her after our call asking if we could leave it until Friday (tonight) so I didn't have to worry about work in the morning. She said nope (I laughed because this was more of her shit testing stuff), and so I thought ok, I guess I'm going to hers then. So I made my way there at midnight.

She was dressed up for me, wearing fishnet stockings, leather miniskirt and heels, and she's got nice large boobs. She was featured in FHMs high street honeys in the noughties (I don't care if it was years ago and she's not the 20-year-old spring chicken she was back then, she's still very sexy). We had a drink together and she began seductively flirting with me, hanging her legs over mine as I pulled her close, etc.

It wasn't long before I bent her over the kitchen counter and began relentlessly giving her what she wanted. She had three orgasms In that first 20-minute session before she was given a facial. She's got no kids, so she is deliciously tight. She's also evidently into DDLG, because even before I began fucking her she was acting and talking like a little girl, and had called me daddy. Then of course, when fucking her, this acting and verbalization escalated further. I'm very open-minded, so I'm more than happy to play along with whatever kink a lady is into.

She's genuinely REALLY into hardcore DDLG though. Whilst it's my first time experiencing it, I've been around enough to know what I see when I see it. Later on in bed after we fell asleep, I woke to find her giggling, playing around with me, and saying unintelligible things. At first, it was strange at least in the sense I didn't know what was going on, then I thought she might have been sleep-talking, but I know now that she was acting out being a little girl.

It's funny. Last night I was just about to jump on top of my bed to read some more of Casanova's adventures when I got the phone call inviting me to go on my own adventure.

Interesting woman, kinda crazy.

Just my type.

dan300 03-07-2021 10:16 AM

Another interesting and somewhat irritating outcome of the above was that the girl I was with opened Snapchat on my phone we and put two selfies of us up.

The next day my coquette girl, who's been talked about in depth and at length on the previous pages, sent me a direct snap (yesterday) at about 1 pm, which was a selfie of her with the caption "dinner and drinks tonight"

This was an obvious and blatant response to her seeing pictures of me with another woman. Whether or not she was going out with some guy for dinner, or with friends, the intention was to make me believe it was with another guy. Well, it's not like I'd deprived her of similar offers, so I don't get how this was used as her ammunition. Seems like she was clutching at straws and just needed to hit me back with something as soon as possible.

The last time I have seen this girl was two months ago, and even that was after five months during which I had gone through pain and shit about her. So basically I've seen her once in the space of seven months and even though I understand she has shit going on in her life, if you like or love someone enough, you don't let anything get in the way.

She's fully aware of how I feel about her and what I wanted with her, although that's plummeting. I don't know if that's her intention in that regard (to mess me around so much she makes me hate her) but that grip on me and keeping me hanging on that string is slipping.

For example, a few weeks ago she asked if I was free Saturday night. I happened to be, so we said we'll go out or I'll come to hers. In a nutshell, Saturday night came and I was going to come to hers and she stopped communicating at about 9 pm, having "fallen asleep" or something. At this stage, she's definitely become hooked on this power-tease thing.

Yet the first time she sees me with another girl it immediately provokes a reactive response? Obviously I knew that would happen, but what the fuck does she expect, me just to stay on the sidelines waiting for her forever? Nah, babe.

I don't know what her play is, aside from being a coquette, whether she realizes the psychology behind that or not (I'd imagine she doesn't, which makes it even more intriguing). However, she's made her choices and one of those was to fuck around a guy who wanted her.

There are lots of other girls in the world and in my life, who are even more interesting than her. With her, I'm addicted to the sex. However, this latest girl, well, she's into all the things my coquette girl is into, and more.

stonecastle 12-07-2021 02:22 PM

I notice that you had some success on Tinder. I used to use several free dating websites way back in the early 2000s. I sent out thousands of messages but only got to meet about 5 or 6 women. But a couple of those websites did put on quite good social events. The best one for social events was Plenty of Fish whose London event had up to 300 people. They were quite good nights out. The last ones I went to were in 2009 at Corks Wine Bar in Mayfair just off Oxford Street. Some quite good looking women were there. So I would reccomend dating site social events as good places to do night game.

dan300 13-07-2021 09:17 PM

I've met quite a few ladies through dating apps over the years. The apps in question being Tinder, POF, and more recently, Bumble.

Since the pandemic, meeting girls from apps has been my sole method of dating. And it's been rather welcome in that regard because it kept me entertained, and meeting girls no matter the method was better than not meeting girls. A lot of whom are/were simply DTF. Some I continue to meet, some I don't.

There's an app called Badoo, and the "talent" on there is horrendous. It's the worst of the lot in terms of ugly fucks. It seems to be the app where all the ones who know they've got very little hope of finding anything, ever, go. So little hope in fact, that they don't even bother to use filters.

Dr_Zed 14-07-2021 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by dan300 (Post 132674)
Since the pandemic, meeting girls from apps has been my sole method of dating. And it's been rather welcome in that regard because it kept me entertained, and meeting girls no matter the method was better than not meeting girls. A lot of whom are/were simply DTF. Some I continue to meet, some I don't.

I do sometimes wonder about the whole daygame/nightgame/online/circle comparison. I'm in the mindset that provided you get your online photos optimised, then it's easily the most efficient method of getting dates & closes. Way easier than in person.

Breaking lockdown restrictions to get my current relationship was well worth it here.


dan300 24-07-2021 03:53 PM

Went on another proper date last night. It wasn't supposed to be until tonight but after work yesterday she said she needed a hug, so I offered to drive over and give her one (10 miles). And then we decided to have a spontaneous date.

We met on Tinder a week ago and had bonded significantly since. She's into history and is about to start a psychology degree soon (super bonus points from me for these). She works in travel management. She's a blonde bombshell MILF with an amazing body, sexy tan, lovely smooth skin, and she looks quite a bit like Britney Spears (my opener to her was based around that) and she wore a summer dress and white trainers - my favorite outfit on a girl. She provided me with the best compliment I've ever received- that I have a very sexy brain.

I was actually pretty nervous upon meeting her down at Bangor marina - whilst her photos were undoctored and unfiltered, she was so much hotter in real life and I'm not afraid to say I felt insecure thinking I'd have no chance with her... which is something we talked about 5 hours later down at the beach when discussing our first impressions. She had thought I wasn't into her, and I explained anything she sensed at that time was likely a result of my nerves; but that I'd felt the exact opposite, I was blown away. She told me she was also delighted with how I looked in real life too. We then had a giggle about how any of those evidently unnecessary feelings could have been settled by us just being honest at the time.

Anyways, we went for a few drinks and were vibing and all that jazz. We went to a second beer garden and it was fine but there was a situational occurrence that I felt uncomfortable about and not very happy with.

The doormen had three guys join our table. My girl and I were sitting side by side, but face to face, embracing, kissing, and talking. Then we turned around to take a drink and faced the guys on the opposite side of the table. There turned out to be a loud, obnoxious one, a seemingly more decent one, and a drunk one whose vulnerability was endearing. Anyway, the obnoxious one bumped into my girl on the way back from the bathroom and knowing we were on a first date, said to her "I don't see you with that guy, I think you can do better" and she said to him you are a real asshole or something to that effect. Now, I wasn't aware he said it until afterward. What happened was we left at closing time and were walking back to the marina. On the way she told me what the guy had said, and that that was why I may have noticed her being a bit rude and arrogant to him (I did notice). We stopped at a point and could hear everyone coming from the pub behind us. She grabbed me and said "kiss me", so we engaged in that manner as the guys passed us, who obviously made some 'laddish' remarks as they passed. Although they weren't the only ones, practically everyone who passed said something, even those passing in cars (not derogatory things, just whooping and whistling and shit). The point is, we kinda got revenge on the sneaky Mr.Jealous guy who tried to rain on my parade. Cunt was married anyway, what's it to him.

What I wasn't happy with was them joining our table and rudely gatecrashing our date for a bit. Such an asshole laddish thing to do. Two of them were decent fellas but the asshole one was really irritating and I just knew there were undertones in the way he was acting that he was doing so with the intentions of causing obstruction in the date of two total strangers. Luckily, my companion is also very analytical and this shit did not go unnoticed by her, who, every now and then would turn to me and embrace me for a kiss.

However, what would you do in this same circumstance? (K) It made me slightly uncomfortable that I found myself in a situation out of my control, at least to some extent, in that these guys were there against my permission and, bar telling them to fuck off, how can it be handled better?

Anyways, the rest of the date went great. My girl has a wild streak and literally wanted to go skinny dipping. I allowed her to lead me down to the beach. On the way, we stopped a few times and almost fucked. Well, not almost, but we got a bit carried away and she stopped it before it went too far. Whilst I would have fucked her, and I did tell her I wanted to kiss her body all over when we were sat on the beach and she asked me what was on my mind, on the whole, I'm glad we didn't fuck. She hasn't had sex in quite a while and if we get to that point and she allows me this privilege, I'm gonna make sure she's blown away. I'd prefer to take all night with her anyway. A woman as sexy as her deserves nothing less, and I know sex with her would be incredible.

PRO TIP: I brought her a small gift, a little bracelet thing with hearts dangling off it. This is a brilliant little secret I use when I'm about to meet a girl for the first time that I'm really into, which makes you stand out. Try it, lads.

RonaldDon 27-07-2021 04:49 PM


I have had a lot of succes with online gaming.

Now I want to do the switch and daygame for a year.

I still have a lot of AA, I will keep this journal up to date starting today.


RonaldDon 28-07-2021 03:45 AM


I have had a lot of succes with online gaming.

Now I want to do the switch and daygame for a year.

I still have a lot of AA, I will keep this journal up to date starting today.


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