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I've been doing a little research and the meat production side isn't super clear whether the horses are reared for it here or whether it's a by-product of those fuckers who can't jump fences....

The only slightly negative thing people have to say is about the potential harm of the meds used on horses. But again, that is based on performance horses being given cocktails etc. I'll keep digging

Strange thing worth noting, Canadian protective agencies are similar to British ones in terms of things being safe - across the border it's very different. In the US the FDA will approve a lot of things that aren't great as long as the bad shit (potentially harmful chemicals and side-effects) are well-documented.
I was speaking to a friend who works in QA for a drugs packaging company and he shed a lot of light on it. To cut a long story short having nationalized health services like UK and Canada plays to certain advantages that generally approved drugs have to be effective and affordable. Private systems however make money on more elaborate systems and if you need a cocktail of meds to overcome side effects etc. then it works all the way up the chain with the doctor getting bonuses, the hospital getting more money, the drugs companies getting more money, the insurance companies pay out more but therefore increase premiums to account for the possibilities.
Worryingly corrupt that Nationalised health is becoming more and more privatised...

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