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Default Horse Meat! - 14-02-2016, 02:03 PM

Yesterday I was at the supermarket and went to grab myself some lean mince beef and I accidentally picked up minced horse meat.

I noticed straight away but before I could put it down I also noticed that weight-wise it was cheaper lb for lb than lean ground beef. I continued to read on into the nutritional information...

It has higher protein content and a lower fat content than even lean minced beef (let alone normal minced beef) and the meat is for most intents and purposes grass fed rather than horrifically farmed (unless you go on an organic crusade)

So I bought it went home and did some research.
  • Horse has higher protein content than beef
  • Horse has 60% the fat of beef but has healthier fat from being grass fed
  • Has higher quality nutrients from better diet, only beaten by beef with zinc
  • Is far cheaper than beef for a higher quality meat. Beef of this grade is twice the price

So I'm going to experiment with eating horse for the next few weeks and see how it works for me...

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