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Originally Posted by ShaunHerr View Post
There's not really such a thing as temporary, if the diet attempt is temporary, the results will be too. You have to implement and change habits that will remain as a consistent lifestyle adjustment.

Otherwise as soon as you stop your fasting diet and do similar things to before everything goes back.

Seeing as you do have so much on your plate in terms of various stresses, especially exams, you'd be better looking at your regular diet, prioritising what needs to change, and making those changes one at a time.
When I say temporary I'm talking about the fasting itself. Nobody wants to be fasting 16-20 hours a day forever.

What I mean is that I'll continue to fast until I reach the desired weight, then go back to eating at normal times of the day, but good food not pizzas & shit that makes you fat. I never meant I'd go back to the prior food habits. Just on a cheat meal every so often.

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