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Originally Posted by daleinthedark View Post
Dan, have you thought of simplifying everything that you're doing?

I don't just mean diet and exercise, but studying/pastimes/work etc. I've found that a few well-focused activities/goals work much better than trying to keep lots of plates spinning.
In the past couple of weeks this has been at the forefront of my mind - that I have literally too much going on at once & yes too many plates spinning. I hate to have to drop anything but some things may simply have to at least go the back burner, like the breakdancing for example. Cool yes but not more important than doing well in exams.

I'm trying to prioritise what's important, getting these things done first, then any other stuff that's a luxury, like learning to spin around on my head, can come later.

I'm off booze until May the 2nd so I've got no excuse not to put in a solid effort in the important things. My flat gets renovated from the 26th of this month & I have to move out for 2 weeks so that's a bit of an obstacle but again, I refuse to let that be an excuse. In fact I'm actually looking forward to being in a temporary apartment for a couple of weeks as a change of scenery.

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