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Originally Posted by ShaunHerr View Post
If you're fasting and only eating that few calories:

You may well lose some decent weight fairly quickly but you'll also burn out and plateau in no time.

Its only temporary though until I've lost 2 stone, & I'll have the odd cheat meal here & there. For example I had a pizza today at 3pm which was nice, but I felt bad after it & I haven't ate since & won't eat agin till midday which will have been over a 20 hour fast to balance it out.

Whenever your first meal is; make it protein and fat based. And every other meal with some carbs and absolutely load up on veg.

Pretty much all you need to know Dan.
I know I could do a quick google but I'm open to suggestions on what the first meal could be then. Steak & veg? Fish?

A boxer I know has salmon for breakfast & steak sometimes too. I'm not too fond of salmon but I get the idea.

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