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Default Diet, fasting & exercise - 10-03-2015, 11:27 PM

My new diet, at least until I lose a stone or 2 quickly, is...

Midday - bowl of cornflakes with semi-skimmed or 2 weetabix

About 4/6/8pm - a massive salad consisting of lettuce, handful of Brown pasta, handful of sweetcorn, 2 boiled eggs sliced & chopped, 2 tomatoes with the insides removed & chopped up, about 10 slices of ham chopped up & grated cheese on top, all mixed up in salad cream

I say I have the salad at 4 6 or 8 because some days I'm not able to eat it at one of the specific times so basically as long as it's after 4 but no later than 8. That way there's between 16 & 20 hours of a fast every day. I'm now aiming to do as many 20 hour fasts as I can.

I'm actually thinking the salad is too big? I know you can't see how big but it's probably 3 or 4 inches off the plate.

I'll have the odd cup of green tea with honey & lemon but not at set times. Just whenever, but not likely in the middle of the night.

I've been doing this 5 or 6 days now & apart from a fish supper on Sunday which I felt guilty about & burned off that night, I'm sticking to it with the utmost determination. More focused than I've ever been all those other times I tried & failed. This is the one where I see it through until the goal is achieved.

Oh yeah the goal - I was 13st 4lb when I started & now 13 exactly. I want to get to 11st, that's the goal. I'll have a cheat meal (probably the buffet haha) when I get to 12st.

Along with this I'm back on the punch bag because my hand is healed, which in all honesty is what held me back. I do 10 hard rounds every evening after going out for a warm up run just about half a mile around a few blocks & back. I'll increase the distance as my stamina increases.

I also spoke to a running equipment store earlier & I'll get around to joining their free running club. They run on Monday's & there's incentives to keep at it, the first being a free luminous adidas running T-shirt after 5 runs, & the girl told me a few weeks ago you're entitled to a pair of trainers after not long too, amongst other free goodies. The more you run, the more you get, they say.

I've been training really late this time around. The past few nights I'm doing 10 rounds between 11pm & midnight. Nothing wrong with that is there? It's not keeping me awake as might be assumed. I be pretty tired having been up all day from early in the morning so there's no way adrenaline pumping through my veins could keep me up.

I'm kinda liking the late training actually it feels good. And although I'm no expert, I think it means my body will burn fat like crazy all night as I sleep coupled with the fasting right?

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