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Default Nightgame: direct opener but through a friend - 06-06-2022, 09:14 AM

Hi all

Has anyone tried the above method. I.e. you see a group of girls, you see the girl you like (girl 1), you approach, but instead of directly opening the girl you like, you open her friend (girl 2), and tell her, what you like about girl 1. Obviously, you do it with a playful vibe etc. Generally IMO, I reckon it's a better "general approach" as it allows you a chance to disarm the cockblock, social proof yourself (because if the friend likes you, then effectively she becomes a wing girl), and you actually DHV yourself to other girls aswell as make it harder for other AMOGs to break in. You also convey intent straight away with being direct, DHV with showing a higher level of social intelligence (as directly opening girl 1, shows a high level if ignorance towards her situation).

This is just an observation I have been having and going to implement it. Obviously no approach is perfect, but its something I don't see guys doing hence, I reckon it's a gd strategy.

The past 8 weeks, I've been going out Fri and Sat night solo and sober, just to acclimatise to loud busy schizophrenic venues, practice indirect opens, get familiar with the general pace of the night etc. I've had shit tonnes of daygame and social circle experiences, but never gave nightgame a solid run. Had some sporadic streaks where I got 3 numbers in 1 night, but nothing that gives me confidence.

Appreciate input

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