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An opener seriously doesn't matter. Like I don't even remember what the hell I've started conversations with recently. If your vibe is right and you come off as congruent and chill any old bullshit will work. If you seem all uptight like you've got one stuck in the chamber you'll come off weird even if it's a good opener.

The key thing is being able to move on past the opener. An opener will not do the work for you no matter how good it is. People get an opener they think is awesome, walk up, drop it and just let that shit hang there like a dry fart without any attempt to move things forward or redirect the conversation from there. So even if you had the perfect opener you'd be back here a couple weeks after complaining that you can open now but can't hook.
Originally Posted by kowalski
Give them a focal point, create a fake narrative, pump up the energy. Sometimes you'll swing and miss, that's just what it is. Usually when I approach in my head all I've got is "excuse me" or "hey listen..." and I panic but I keep putting one foot in front of the other till I arrive and then I say "excuse me" and then I keep talking. And that's all that matters. If you go over, you'll say something. You are not gonna say nothing. Your mouth and brain will get together and force some kind of sounds, hopefully words, out in to the world.
Very under-rated advice. Same with Kowalski's too. I'm not even sure if a pick-up coach can teach decent conversation skills as a lot of it is based on vibe and mental health state. A perma-depressed or paranoid guy could never get any results regardless of their "openers."

Professional bum. I post here as I have too much time on my hands :P

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