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Originally Posted by Luffy View Post
Dom please don't think we're trying to be hostile or offend you. The question you asked is 'an opener that feels more natural'. What people have told you in the thread, is that the opener really doesn't matter as much as you think it does.

Why are we telling you this? Because once you realise that the opener doesn't matter, it allows you to relax and just say whatever is on your mind <-- KEY. Then you become more "natural" and openers will start flowing out. It's like a paradox. Once you realise that the opener doesn't matter then whatever you open with, will automatically feel and BE more natural. When people sense that you're just being genuine and just sharing what you really think, they will tend to pay attention. Not in all cases of course but it tends to work. Definitely works better than saying the perfect opener but it coming from a place of seeking approval and manipulation.

Examples have been given in the thread but even greater than those examples, long term advice has also been shared.
Openers are important. Atleast as a crutch for someone who sucks at cold approaches on the streets.

Telling me I don't need it when I really have no way to do without is super patronising. Maybe I read a little more hostility into the rest of the answers here than it was intended. But I'm just human. I'm biased by the initial tone of the earliest answers.

But seriously you guys should reconsider your approach how you teach newcomers... Maybe you shouldn't just oppose everything someone like me says because YOU don't need it maybe instead you should walk a few steps with me before guiding me to a different way.

I'm new here. And that's my impression. Food for thought.
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