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Default 23-07-2021, 09:28 AM

Those guys are great, they have some other funny ass sketches on that channel.

Since using one in the mountains now, even at home, I sleep in an ultra lightweight hammock.

I don't get hot in the long summers as air can pass all around the body. Normally you are hot and sweaty in a summer bed mainly on the underside because you are in contact with the mattress which prevents the circulation of air.

Other benefits are that you have no contact pressure points between you and the hammock as with a mattress ... it takes up way less room at night and hardly any in the day... I never have to "make the bed" just push the support against the wall and I only do that if I want to put the practice rail down and skate… also I think it is better for the spine, but that's a complicated sciencey thing that I do not understand though I've never woke up with a stiff neck etc.

How comfy it is and the slight rocking movement definitely help me fall asleep even faster than normal. Which is a sometimes disadvantage as I am not able to lay down in it to just chill and read or watch something as I almost instantly lose consiousness.

The other sometimes drawback but sometimes also an advantage is if I won't be expecting to bring a girl here but then do there's no bed out, so there's no question of staying over. I have a bed that I can get out if needs be but I have neve done that at 3am.



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