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Default Sleep Quality - 21-07-2021, 11:58 AM

Just doing a quick search yielded nothing of relevance (not including sleeping *with* someone lol), so...

Whenever we have extreme temperatures (like the heatwave in the UK this week of 30 degrees plus), sleep issues tend to be exacerbated. For decent mental health you can exercise, learn new things, eat right and a whole load of things... But they're almost for naught if your sleep sucks.

I'm wondering what can be done to improve quality. This will sound pretty babyish, but here's a list:

- replacing pillows
- replacing mattress
- mattress/pillow covers
- Blue light filter on phone & computer 1 hour before sleep
- meditation
- melatonin or other sleep drugs
- diet and eating windows (avoiding sugar, caffeine or eating too much)
- exercise timing
- addressing anxiety
- who you're sleeping with


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